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Man oh man I love a good book. I am a self appointed introvert from the moment you stick a good book in my hand, and could sit for days on end and just read. Maybe thats a long lost dream because I don't get much extra time to do just that. I will be sharing here what I'm reading and a few thoughts about the topic/author/recommendation .....and don't forget to comment with your fav!

What I'm reading right now:

I am a HUGE Tim Keller fan. I listen to his podcasts (they are free I might add) while I run. He speaks with wisdom, education, but yet with a humility that doesn't exalt himself nor his knowledge. In other words, he's the real deal. Generous Justice is about our responsibility to help the poor, needy and destitute of this world and what the Bible commands. You will finish wanting to hit the pavement on behalf of the gospel and defend the cause of the weak through service and compassion…..for Christ. That's justice.

I love David Platt's simple yet convicting writing style. I could get on my soapbox about the American church, celebrity preachers and how I think America is getting it wrong.....or you could just read something by Platt or Francis Chan. There are those who are slowly turning the focus of the American churchgoer back to where Christ is the focus.....not a pastor. Follow Me is a great read that does just this. Our entire church is going through this one right now. It's awesome.

This book I found on Kindle for cheap. I love having multiple books going at once and always one that I can pick up and read while waiting at gym practice, a doctors office or in the car line at school. This one interested me because for one, it's about China. The difference here is that this couple were able to bicycle across the country in the early part of the 2000's and see things that are totally undocumented to the normal eye and ear. In other words....the real China. They cycled across multiple provinces, ate with the locals and lived China. They even rode through Tibet and the Himalayas. As they rode they kept diaries and documented sights, sounds, conversations with the locals. Did you know it's against the law for a local to house a foreigner for the night? They also got arrested in the story for taking pictures....of what they thought were farmers. The Chinese people are not living in a free democracy. They cannot travel at their leisure....even within their own country. Our freedoms which we all take for granted will be challenged in theory as you read this. What I don't agree with here is the author's candid confession of disbelief in Christianity and God. In the end she converts to Buddhism. It helped me to see what a lost planet looks like as we sit in our comfortable American systems and homes. Very interesting story.

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