We are Mama and the Doc. We got married 30 years ago....had a couple of kids.....they grew.... and then we adopted some more. We are loud. We produce lots of laundry. We are never still. We love our Savior. The Sunshine State is home. Life is our mission field......one messy day at a time. 

Tidbits about the Fam:

The Doc- Chaos calmer. Extraordinary doctor. Running buddy. Prescription caller in-er. Survivor. Runs two businesses. Speaks at conventions alot. Travels. Elder at our church. Training for third Ironman. Doesn't sleep much.

The Mama- Keeper of the chaos. Teacher. Personal Princess chauffeur. Works at the school. Writes, occasionally speaks about our story, sometimes even does laundry. Only turns on tv for Downton Abbey. Still can't handle a dead hamster. I will be your best amigo if you tell me I don't look old enough to have grandkids. Really. Needs a personal assistant for sure. Rarely sleeps.

Jay- Firstborn. Responsible. Easygoing. Hard worker. Incredible designer. Never complains. Ever. Fantastic Dad of 3. Just promoted to CEO of his company. Travels alot. Speaks at conferences in really cool places. Battling injuries and chronic disease (in remission). Reminder....never complains. My hero.

Mel- Daughter in law. Mom of 3 gorgeous humans. Takes BEST care of Jay. Patient. Oldest of 6. Understands cray. Understands us. Loves books. Keeps things very neat and clean.....always. Never have heard her raise her voice at her kids. Handles stress without a sweat. Homeschools. Currently sleep deprived. Part of our Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

Julie- Oldest daughter. Second born. New mom to Wubba. Excellent wife. Awesome Worship leader. Dancer. Piano and voice teacher. Has food blog. Keeps her Mom laughing. Signature song…."You Are Faithful", by The Village Church.  Shopping buddy. Special bond with her sisters. Traveled with us to China. Her Mommy's BF. Wants to adopt. Currently sleep deprived. Can quote Gilmore Girls verbatim with Mel.

Jon- Son in law. Married to Julie. Wubba's Dad. Awesome husband. Computer genius. IT expert. Guitar savant. Sings but prefers guitar. Learning to understand the crazy. Quiet. Loves our daughter. Just moved back to Florida from Charlotte….. after we promised him all the family inheritance and a new car.

Nature Girl- first adoption from the US. Ours at 8 months old. 6th grader this year at our private school. Monumental rough beginnings. Dr. Dolittle. Loves all things animal related. Brilliant. Scientist in the making. Thrill seeker. Over comer. Very, very tall. Just skipped a grade. Battles chronic health issues. Notices things no one else would. Keeps me grounded and in awe of God. Rides horses. Plays tennis. Current hobby: collecting turtles and Minecraft. Always Minecraft.

Blondie- adopted at birth from the US. 17 months younger than her sister. Should have named her 'Party'. Has a gazillion friends. Loyal. Helpful. Stable. Conscientious 5th grade student. Artist in the making. She's the friend everyone wants to be around. Can be fearful. Loves God. Sings. Cool eyes. Makes me a better Mom. Wild, untamable blond hair. Cheerleader. Loves gymnastics and fashion...(Lord help us on that last one.) Fun fact: can make incredible art from trash.

Mei Mei- left in a box at an orphanage in Jiangxi, China. Adopted at 10 months. Never, ever stops talking. Can be shy....but still talks. Had major attachment issues. 9 years old and in 4th grade. Excellent student. Very neat and precise about everything.  Loves roller-coasters....when not too short to ride. Has to be perfect at everything. Runs the show. Extremely small. Gymnastics rock-star. Cheerleader. Best buddy is her nephew. Would only eat ice cream in China. We call her our 'fun-size' talking candy bar. Fav food: still ice cream.

Cade- only 10 months younger than his Aunt. Taller than said Aunt. 3rd grader.  Soccer hero. Basketball player.Very social. Nicest kid ever. Everyone's friend. Loves to sleepover at Mimi and Gamps. Laughs alot.....even when I ran over his bike with my car. Best brother. Helper. Superb reader.

Caroline- funniest kid ever. 4 years old. Looks just like her Dad. In charge. Gets what she wants. Fantastic sister. Loves friends and Little People. Extraordinary vocabulary. Smile lights up the room.

Mollie-  16 months old. Mini Mel. Climber. Happiest, funniest baby. Always smiling. Needs to sleep more.....for her Mom's sake.

Josh-aka 'Wubba'- newest family member. 13 months old.. Chill kid. Like his dad. Smiley. Stole our hearts. Walking Wubba and almost running Wubba. Learning to talk. Can tell you what the kitty, dog, lion, and fish says. Keeps saying "ti-ka" but this family is not wise enough to know what he's trying to tell us….

Mom Jo-Possibly will let us take her pic. Grandma to fab 5. Helps with schoolwork. Loyal. Feeder of the Princesses. Blondie is her mini-me....right down to hair and eye color. Patient Princess shopper. Needs nap after our house. Surprise gift bringer.