Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Every year the girls receive their big presents with some kind of puzzle to be solved. Last year their gifts were at the end of an entire skein of yarn wound through out the house and even outside. Each girl had their own color and sometimes they were even intertwined with their sister's color. This year Melvin the Moose stopped by and hid ornaments describing each girl. When they figured out and FOUND their ornament it would lead them to their gift. Fun family tradition!  

Christmas Eve means we drag mattresses from the other rooms and elves mysteriously decorate a bedroom (usually Blondie's) to the hilt. The girls sleep together (saying that sleep word very loosely) and are up at the crack of dawn ready to go! This....is what the crack of dawn looks like. 

So excited to welcome Baby Lylah this spring. She will be named after my grandmother Lylah and my mom, Jo. 

The Wubbanator enjoying being two....and monkey jammies. 

Both Cade and Nature Girl received camera drones. Future CIA agents:)

She already has a balance beam but wanted a floor beam as well. We haven't seen her face up since.

This was the first Christmas without my mom. So hard not to turn around expecting her to shuffle through the door. This was her family Bible she kept on her foyer table. This was a Christmas of remembering.

With lots of help, later in the day we had dinner at our house for 20+ of our family. I LOVE having a big family and everyone close. I pray each of you experienced the wonder and love of celebrating our savior's birth. Merry Christmas!!

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