Friday, September 11, 2015

That Moment You Find Out.....

.....that you don't have cancer....yet you know someone else that very same day likely got news that was the opposite of yours. It's sobering, humbling and a constant reminder that this life is short.
     I had a mammogram. Have to admit, it had been a while which was entirely my bad. Still, when they call you back again and again for more X-rays, and a sonogram/ultrasound,  it puts you in a mode of 'let's see how high we can get your blood pressure today'. I was told I needed a biopsy because the mammogram revealed a suspicious area, so it was scheduled....11 days later. Waiting stinks. I could've had it a few days sooner but we opted to wait for the doctor we wanted, since it required exact precision to remove the section of tissue in question.  So, with biopsy done (YES, it hurt...mostly when the anesthesia wears off cause there's a hole now in your ****), there was more waiting.....something no one in their right mind wants, yet it comes with the territory.

     There is an upside to the wait God calls you to. You:  A. Get to do a lot of research and B. Get to pray....alot. With both of those done, I remained strangely calm. I felt like I was ready to face the giants should God call me to face cancer. I had made the decision and I truly believe that it is a constant decision to face the outcome without changing my lifestyle or my joy. When you know God and meet with him daily, I believe He enables you to you steadily, pray unceasingly, and have a peace with unwavering, grateful joy that remains unchanged despite circumstance.

      It's interesting. Our adult kids knew what was going on but the littles didn't. We didn't want to frighten them nor give them cause for worry when we had no diagnosis. After the fact we shared what had been going on and they had NO idea I had even been to the hospital....or had mini-surgery. The joy of the Lord REALLY is my strength!

     It's back to normal around here now.....except two hamsters died the same day I found out I am Cancer free. Like I said....back to normal. Heh.

     Know anyone with cancer? Pray for them, encourage them, take them chocolate and send them notes. Please, don't send them a hamster.

     I had a lot of time to think about what would I do.....if it were me in those shoes. I sat in the waiting room with many, many valiant soldiers who are fighting the fight. I learned more than ever,  it's a time for faith, friendship and family. This Mom is grateful this week.....this mom is whipped, nae'd nae'd, the Doc and I are tired... and for the record...... there will be no more hamsters here for a while. My heart can't handle it! Oh and for the LOVE.....go get yourself a mammo!!!!!


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