Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Nature Girl!!

     Happy Birthday to this miracle today! Pardon my sappy reflections for a moment. You see, she by all statistics should not be where she is today. If statistics were our benchmark, she should be checked off the list as 'non-viable.' It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that you forget to see the big picture of what God has and is doing. Markedly transforming a life. Making the broken whole. God delights in the business of restoration day in and day out. We humans continuously rely and work on a 24 hour system....but not our God. While we count in seconds, minutes, hours, days, even years HE knits together time and substance in such a way that one day we suddenly go, "Wow! Look what God did."
     Today, we are celebrating. Just a few years ago this one was so sick she couldn't hold her head up to think....much less do school. Jehovah Rapha, God our healer has made her strong enough. Just a few years ago she struggled to read. Today, that same God has enabled her and she is reading at grade level. Just a few years ago her muscle condition said she couldn't be strong enough to write and be in a classroom. Today, she's there writing along side her peers. Just a few years ago her sleep disorder kept her (and us) so disoriented that learning was almost non-existent. Today, it's under control and no longer a constant disruption to our days and schedules. Just a few year ago the normal seemed impossible. Today, God has made the impossible POSSIBLE.
     Don't get me wrong. It is HARD. Doing the impossible means putting your head down and plowing through hours and hours beyond most norms, to achieve what easily comes to you and me.    I am reminded every time I look at this girl the words of Winston Churchill, "Never, ever, ever give up." So true when you are dealing with people. Through prayer, discerning, and plain old work the impossible is being made possible. This girl toils harder than most at the normal in life.....yet as God touched her, we noticed something.
      It's really interesting because once the healing began.....once this girl began to learn.....once the layers were peeled back.....we discovered a gift. A brilliant scientific mind full of ideas, facts, and ability. Future biological scientist here people. Mark my words. She sees things no one else sees.....almost eerily so. I'll even bet she discovers a yet unknown species one day. It would not surprise me one bit.
     Happy Birthday Nature Girl! As we continue the day in and day out....loving you with all our being....we can't wait to see what God does next!

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