Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And It Begins.....

School. Is. Here. I'm not sure if we ever feel ready Moms, right? I mean the epic mountains we climb as parents just to get these little people ready for the year is overwhelming. Sports forms, schedules, driving (oh the ever loving traffic!), teacher forms, physicals, shopping, shopping, shopping, shoes, uniforms, textbooks (making sure you got the right ones ...cause if you don't....oy!)'s insane. Send in the caffeine.

I'm one of these people that after having multiple children for multiple years I like to be prepared. I order their books for the next school year the minute school is out in May. Prepared. No surprises that way and I can relax and enjoy the summer.  I try to get all the school supplies we will need for the year when they are the cheapest in July/August. I tote home bags and bags of what we will need at home for a fraction of the cost of what it would be if spread out throughout the year. Like any good mom I hide a lot of it from my 'crafters' who could and would blow through it in a matter of days.....and threaten their very existence if they touch what they can see. Great parenting. Our storehouses are brimming with markers, post-it's, tabs, folders, sharpies and the like.

We are ready. Even with a funeral and consequent ongoing closing of my mom's estate, we are ready. That is most of us. Here's to another year of successful brain input, encouragement and knowledge. Teachers you are amazing, remarkable and lifesavers of the best kind. We got this.....together.
5th, 6th and 7th grades. Sweet girls. They are doing so well. See the hugs? Genuine.

Now you see what they're really made of. I asked them to show me with their body language and facial expressions their opinion of the first day of school. Mei Mei is like, "I got worries." Blondie is excited, scared and ready to see her friends. She would go to school all year long. Then there's Nature Girl.....who would be content stay home and study science books all year. Forget that other stuff like math, reading and literature. Real life.

Itty Bitty 5th grader. This year we're also training gymnastics several hours a day. Fitting all of it in is going to take some flexing. You can pray for us. Oh and please excuse the weeds and bad grass. We're working on it. Or not. 

6th grade. Ready to see her friends, volleyball player, excellent student. ADORES school. LOVES schoolwork (except math). Artist in the making.

7th grade. All legs (try finding pants for this one!). Brilliant when she wants to be (said every mom ever!) Will work REALLY hard in science and history and tolerate everything else. Just being honest. She makes us laugh so much. Love this kid! Oh, and those feet? Size 10.

Happy Back to School 2015!!

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