Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! He is Risen!

 Wubba made our Easter morning photo this year (and pretty much every Sunday) because he spends Saturday nights with us. Both Jon and Julie play/sing on our church's worship team and because of the zerodarkthirtyishness of their call times it's easier if we have Wubba duty from here. Everyone looks great don't they? Yea, we want major kudos for getting 4 kids up, in Easter gear (after they had eaten  mountains of chocolate and other well.....crap), 4 heads washed, pictures taken and at church ON TIME. You parents will understand what that we all need to stand together and demand Olympic Gold Medals for this one. Oh....and please notice the barbie photobombing from the porch. Look closer and you will see the dog nose press from the window. Now onward to hunt us some eggs. This was the first year the Princess Collection didn't want to dress even similar. Their personalities really show in their choices of outfits this year which is fun to watch as they grow and develop their own (albeit sometimes terribly, terribly scary) styles. So many stories that I won't bore you with went into this pic. Let's just say.....they are dressed...... and adorable. So grateful for our Savior and the celebration of His death and resurrection! Happy Easter!!