Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Little Break (Not Really) In the Schedule

Lots of stuff swirling around in my head. Let's see if it will make sense on here.

First of all, I can.not. believe it's almost the end of the year and the first semester of school almost over. Geez Louise….time flies. This year I am working at our school 3 days per week and homeschooling the girls the other two. I am coaching P.E., coaching cheer, and assisting in the athletic department. In addition I was in charge of our annual Field Day which just took place this past week. I am having a blast and absolutely LOVE the folks I work with. I couldn't ask for a better work environment and the icing on the cake is that I get to be with my girlies. It's a fantastic situation and don't I know it. Smile.

With Field Day over (So. Much. Fun.) I can actually sleep a little and clear the fuzzies from my brain… focus on the Holidays (eeeeeekkkk! It's here already!) and play catch up with projects and all the other gazillion thousandy things that clamor for attention. (Laundry anyone??!!)….and actually write a current blog post….cause it's Thanksgiving break and we have no school for a WEEK!!

We've made some changes in the way systems are running at home (for the better) and gymnastics competition season is drawing to a close for Mei Mei. Blondie has actually stopped competing and is focusing on her music and art for the moment. We require that they be physically active in some area so we are currently re-evaluating what that looks like for Blondie.

Mei Mei has had a stellar gym season with her new team and is headed to the USAG Florida State Meet for her level in a couple of weeks. This has been a rebuilding year for her as she switched from AAU to USAG. (Feel free to stop me and ask me what that means sometime. I will give you the lowdown….but not on here. ) The coaches have completely re-conditioned her itty -bitty -body into Wonder-Woman abs of steel and she is rocking the house with her focusing and athletic ability. I can take zero credit (her DNA says it all) other than being her chief cook and driver. It's a great gig. She's having a blast doing what she is built to do.

Here are some pictures from today's meet…..which just so happens to be the last of the regular season. Everytime Mei walks out on that blue gym floor I can't help but remember that little baby we held….the one that was left at the orphanage in a box not really knowing anymore of her story.  China doesn't know what they are missing……or do they??  I wish her birth mom could see who she is now…..I think she would be so proud.
We tried contacts. She hated them. Rec specs it is…. and now people recognize her by them. Pretty cool trademark:)

Best beam score to date today:)

Our coaches are amazing. She looks so tiny and vulnerable here…..

About to hit her tumbling pass in her floor routine. 

Today Mighty Mouse scored a 9.55 on floor for a first place finish…..and the 3rd place all around trophy.
We love how she's learned how to focus through hard distractions and sharpened her competitive spirit. We love how she encourages unity among her teammates. We love that she loves the sport itself, and to her it's that love that motivates her to do well. She's an awesome kid.

Heading home with a passel of balloons…..gotta figure out how to get them in the car.

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