Sunday, October 26, 2014

Coming Up For Air…..

     It's been 9 weeks. Actually almost 10 but who's counting? 9.99 weeks ago school started (officially….which in our language means the girls put pen to paper. The mom went back way before that.) Right about the 6 week point this mom started sucking air. Can't think of a better way to put it…..and I just resurfaced to gasp another giant breath before descending into the abyss again.
The Princess Collection on a recent trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
They could've cared less about the pumpkins and
stayed in the brooder most of the time. Silly girls.

     Cray. Ultimate time crunch /never enough sleep /who is going to fold all this laundry. Such is our life from August until May… other words known as the school year. Please note…..I am not complaining. Not. One. Bit. I love our life. It probably sounds a lot like all the other Mom's out there so I so don't want to sound redundant at how unbelievably busy things got in the blink of an eye…..but instead want to tell all those other moms driving carpools, working, hanging out at all hours getting that homework done, fixing dinners on the fly …..that there is solidarity among the ranks. We are women….hear us roar….or snore as many of us would like to be doing.

     This year I am working at our school more. My choice and I absolutely hands down love being around the kids there….being an influence (hopefully a happy one:) and being a part of our girls everyday. Our school rocks and I couldn't think of any other place I'd rather be working right now. The girls are older and I wanted to be out and about more. I got my wish. In addition I am also coaching cheerleading (with daughter Julie which is the awesomest!!). Our  girls are now in 4th, 5th and 6th grades ……which are also some of the most difficult academically in the lower grades of our school  (oh and throw a few learning differences in there to stir up the pot and you've got a nice casserole of perfect storm for Mom. In other words….'don't plan on reading a book for fun all school year, Mom….or watching tv……or taking a shower.)

      Blondie just finished up her first volleyball season (first seasons of anything are utterly precious and PAINFUL like a needle in your eye sometimes……and did I say precious? Cause I meant it! Great group of girls learning teamwork and skills…..and how to lose gracefully.) Both she and Mei Mei are competing in gymnastics at a new gym….in separate categories which makes the logistics delightful. Mei Mei is having a kicker of a season and being a  boss as she becomes more and more confident competing in bigger meets. Nature Girl is still bringing home new and delightful critters everyday. We had a snake lose in our garage for a while and even a pet Pine Snake as a weekend guest. She has applied for a volunteer position at our local zoo…..we are just waiting (not too patiently) to see if she was chosen for he job. Fingers crossed…..cause this girl would rock at it. (Please, Please choose her oh mighty Zoo people! She will do you proud!!)

     The Doc started a new job last June. He has a lot more time off but his new position (Emergent/urgent care) requires travel and nights away. Between his new schedule and my new schedule it makes crazyupsidedown schedule of well…..schedules. We are getting used to it and
coming up with new systems to make daily life flow smoothly and as crash free as possible. We are s.l.o.w.l.y. getting there. The Doc and I are also training to run a half marathon (my 3rd) next month cause well….. there was a time slot in the schedule that needed filling.

     So in a nutshell there you go. We are doing what the rest of America is doing……raising kids, working, rushing to orthodontist appointments, sporting events, doing laundry, packing lunches, trying to remember all our kids names….. all while praising Jesus. It can be done. Here's to an incredible 2nd 9 weeks… which there is the C word. Christmas. Time to take a giant breath and suck air …..again.