Saturday, September 6, 2014

Where We've Been…..

Confession. I am the worlds worst blogger. Our life has been insane. Insanely good that is….but insane nonetheless. Next year I'll know to plan better because the last few weeks of summer found me running like a chicken with it's head lopped off…..and it hasn't slowed down. So let's play catch up and talk about where we've been.
Wubba turned one and like his Mimi…..loves all things chocolate. 

Mollie (4 months older) helps the Wubs open gifts.

Bookworms. Really cute ones.

The cousins……always a party when they are together!

We took a teeny tiny vacay to one of our happy places. The Doc started a new job in June so we don't get big vacations for a while.  That's ok peeps. We vacation in our big Florida backyard.

The girls had a ball with all the games the resort had to offer. They are not ones to turn down an opportunity to party! Yes, that's a water balloon with Blondie trying to hit the target.

She did. Isn't this picture hysterical??!!

Heheheh. I should wake them up for school like this…..but then that would be mean…..or not.

Mei giving it a try.

In two days she had a horrid splinter imbedded in her hand…..and a bee sting. There's a reason we call her Nature Girl and utilize that free medical care whenever possible.

Love their enthusiasm for gosh…..everything. Nature Girl was off chasing lizards, hunting wildlife and getting stung by something.
Read this poolside. Written by a young pastor's wife with a knack for understanding teen girls. A Biblical yet GRACE filled approach to issues your daughters deal with. A MUST READ if you have young girls in your house. Like, totes. (Yea, I said that.)

They had been begging for years…..yes years to do this. We caved. Nature Girl wanted a different souvenir .  Good thing too cause they charge by the inch for this hair wrap thing. Hers would've been a gazillion million trillion dollars. Girl's got hair.


Julie, Wubba and Jon came too. Yes, this tutu hat was for sale. Seriously.

This is a Florida skink. Let's just suppose that you are allowed to bring it home with you only it escapes into the nether regions of the interior of your car……never to be seen again……which means at this posting there's a dead skink in my car. Really.

And then Mei Mei had to go in the hospital for a day for tests. No food or water for 13 hours was pure torture.

Our local children's hospital is sponsored by Disney…..she had her own laptop controller and every Disney movie at her fingertips. The moral of the story is…..if you have to starve and thirst to death you may as well be watching a good movie. Oh and Mei Mei is fine. This test came back completely normal. She will tell you the torture wasn't worth it. I will tell you the peace of mind it brought…..totes worth it. (If I sound like a teen girl it's because I live with a whole passel of them.)
And school started. This Mama sent these three into 4th, 5th and 6th grade…..along with the hamster. You gotta do what you gotta do. Those teachers were warned:)

This one is for the "Aww…..aren't the sweet!" factor. Most of the time, yes, yes they are.

Mei and Blondie are at a different gym this year and competition season has begun. See Mei? Tiny is always first……therefore we will always be……first. Adorable are we.

Then this happened. Fracture of her hand where her pinky meets her hand joint. 3 weeks in this thing and we're halfway through as I type this. It has not slowed this gymnast, cheerleader, and volleyball player down one bit. She has continued to practice all 3 all while freaking out the onlookers. Let it go people. We got this. That cast is hard as a rock and she can serve a mean volleyball with it.
So awesomely amazing (and all other wonderful adjectives) to have Julie and Jon back on the worship team (they moved from Charlotte, NC in early May….I think. Was it May? Blurry.)  The Wubbanator spends the night Saturdays so they can be up bright and early to set up and rehearse…..which means getting the girls and Wubs ready for church and in the car and there on time is……dizzy. We get it done though. Worth it.

Someone (ahem, ahem, ahem) can't swim until her cast comes off, so we have been frequenting the Mouse House. Uhm, please notice that apparently I am shrinking. Actually, Nature Girl is 5'7" in those size 10 shoes of hers. Y'all pray for us will you? No end in sight.

This Anna and Elsa thing just isn't stopping. Nature Girl has none of it and sticks to…..Dragons??!:) 
Y'all want to cry with me? This is the kid some said would never learn…..and listed all the negatives about her history, background, etc and why she would never succeed. Baloney. If they could see her now! Taking the time to peel back the layers of illness, learning differences and DNA factors takes time…..but this is the outcome. This girl's got game……and what it takes to be successful in whatever field she chooses. Sit back and watch Nature Girl conquer…….LIKE A BOSS!!!!!

I've worked part time for the last several years but this year I took on a new and bigger role which meant a big adjustment for our family. I am now the PE coach at our school, coaching the elementary and middle school cheer teams (along with daughter Julie which makes that part super fun) and assisting in the athletic department. This right here in addition to home schooling 2 days a week has my total focus and attention……and I love it. It's all going really, really well. See Nature Girl in the white shirt in the center left of this picture? You can see how really tall she is. I love our girls, our school, our jobs, church and family and am daily grateful for the opportunity to do all we do. It may mean though that my next blog post is 2015. Hopefully not…..cause I'm sure someone will do something blog worthy by that time…..or we'll find the skink. Heh.

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