Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Wonderful Day

Flashback to May, 2006 when 10 American families met in Beijing, China for the first time. We were one of them. After a long trans-Pacific flight the sights and sounds (and smells) of Beijing brought us one step closer to the reason for the trip…..being united with our new daughters that we had only seen in pictures. In just a few days after touring The Forbidden City and climbing the Great Wall, we were on our way to Nanchang, Jiangxi and soon holding our adorable babies….most of whom were orphanage mates from Taihe, SWI (social welfare institute) a few hours south of Nanchang.

If you know anything about International Adoption you know that those few days are rough….and preciously sweet….and haaaaarrrrdddd. We bonded with these other families as we all coursed through the mountains of official visits in this foreign environment…. and paperwork mixed with sightseeing and juggling babies that didn't know any of us green Americans as their parents….yet. Their orphanage days were over and their story of belonging in a families were just beginning.

Fast forward 8 years. These girls are established in families all over the USA. They are beautiful, healthy and stable 4th graders. A few weeks ago one of those precious family friends made their way to Florida from Maryland,  and we reunited in Clearwater Beach. Mei Mei and Malia who once lived together in a little nondescript orphanage in Jiangxi, PRC were now running, laughing and doing what little girls do on the white sands of the Gulf. Malia now has a little sister from Guangdong Province (that I was going to bring home with me cause she's just too cute for words….but her mother made me give her back….sigh.) I'll let the pictures do the talking. Love, love, love with me won't you?? One of my favorite days ever…..because of the stories (and lives changed) behind it.

The Gulf in Florida is spectacular…..our Happy Place for sho'

These girls…..

I can't even. Wish their birth parents could get a glimpse of them now. Love.