Tuesday, July 1, 2014

That Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week……

…….in varying degrees according to the girls. It went down like this.

I'm sure I will offend some of you…..completely unintentional of course because I'm about to bring up the "I" word. You know….IMMUNIZATIONS. Enter hair standing up on some of your necks. There are all kinds of camps about these and all I can do is give you our perspective by telling a little of our story. We aren't anti-immunizations. They save lives, no doubt. What we are is anti-immunization-cocktails where a child is given 35 immunizations on an underdeveloped immune system before the age of 2. There you go. On that note also when Nature Girl began to show signs of chronic health issues after age 2 or so…..we stopped all immunizations on her and the other girls. Again, our perspective is that you don't want to immunize an already compromised immune system and create more problems. If you don't intend to leave the country there is absolute wisdom in waiting……letting immune systems strengthen and then giving shots spaced out over time……none of this cocktail, 5-7 shots at a time stuff.

Which brings us to last week. The Doc and I knew it was time to begin to immunize the girls.  Nature Girl and Blondie had already had a good share of theirs but Mei Mei had not. We intend to begin to take them on mission trips with us and if we use a graduated schedule of shots (it's gonna take a while) we needed to start them this summer. I made the appointment for school physicals and shots with fear and trepidation…..knowing the thought of shots was going to throw a couple of them over the edge. They passed their physicals with flying colors…..Nature Girl and Blondie are 'over the tippy top' tall, while Mei Mei is itty-bitty small. Nothing new there. Then came the shots. The Doc and I had conversed over which to start first ……slow and steady to see how they would respond. Again…..nothing wrong with speaking up and waiting on those shots. We are speaker-uppers of the loudest kind.

Without throwing them under the bus…..the girls would tell you this was the worst day of their lives. It was bad, bad, bad, infinity times horrible for me to watch and hear them tell me it was the worst day ever. Out of five kids total…..this was hands down our worst shot experience…..EVER. The staff at the office was great….very patient and helpful. They were not the problem. They complied to every request I had. HOWEVER,  I needed an all expense paid trip to Fiji after that 4 HOUR trip to shot hell.  I do not drink but seriously considered it after that day. Get the drift?? Oy. (Ever have a giant kid climb on your head???….mmm, yea.)

It gets better. We left the pediatrician with a script for bloodwork for Mei Mei. No bueno. Not after those shots. What the heck was I gonna do? I could not live through another replay of shot inferno day. Could not. First we had to see if anyone was going to have a shot reaction. The next 48 hours were us watching and waiting for one or more of them to swell, run a fever or break out into convulsions (not really….just realize, Mei Mei had never, ever had an immunization…..evah).

So while we were waiting for reactions, Nature Girl was due at the orthodontist to complete her braces. So, shots one day…..full set of braces on the next ….(with hooky thingys that pierce the inside of your mouth when you eat……we are out of her will forever she says.) THEN the next day (Nature Girl home on Advil and oatmeal) Mei Mei got to see the Orthopedic Doc and after X-rays and exams,  was diagnosed with Patellar Tendinitis (she's a gymnast, remember??)  and has to sit out all activities involving her knee for 3 weeks. PT was scheduled including Cortisol put into her knee. Oh joy. (Glad it wasn't worse…..but here we go).

THEN we still had to do that bloodwork. I had conversations with myself all night the night before. Do we wait, do we just go and get it over with, do we wait….do I run it by her? Are we ruining her trust issues…..and so on. The mantra of trust and adoption issues. Man oh man it is hard.

We decided to get it over with. She had to have her bloodwork done at the local hospital and it had to be done EARLY. I woke her and we made it to the hospital before 7…..carrying our blankie. Would you believe I was prepared completely for the worst…..and I mean THE WORST and this child sat down, stuck her arm out and let them suck blood out of it?? NOT A PEEP! Total transformation from shot day. Totally. She was so awesome I bought her a doughnut. Chocolate with lots of goo. She earned it by golly.

But we weren't done. It seems that during the ahem…..physical day from hell….it was confirmed that Blondie needed intervention in the vision department. So now on day 4 of Medical Week…..Blondie went to the eye doctor…..to find out Blondie needs glasses. There is 'needs' glasses and there is NEEDS glasses. She's definitely in the latter category…..and she picked out some cool, funky, artsy Ray-Ban's that match her personality AND the current trends to a T. She's really excited about them and doesn't consider this part of her week to be icky at all. Nope……she's happy to be able to see….and express herself. Great kid. Tired Mom at this point.

This house needed some fun pronto. The Doc was traveling so the rest of us (we currently have 8 people living in our house) took off for the beach to forget the most terrible- horrible-no-good-very-bad-week……and had a blast. Still trying to decide if it's smart to schedule all this stuff back to back or space it out. It just kinda happened like this and the Mom needed some Vallium by the end. I got it in the form of Beach Vallium stacked with a good book and my people around me. As for those shot reactions? Not one. Not a one…..from any kid. Our plan is working.

Now onward…..until the next appointment. I kind of feel like this is the summer of 'rebuilding' them. Whew. There are zero pics of shot day…..or orthodontic day. Too pathetic….seriously.  Y'all only get the happy stuff:) We're off to PT for the first time. She's been talking about it non-stop all day already…….
Utterly and completely amazing she sat still and even WATCHED them draw her blood…..and earned Elsa blue Co-flex along with that doughnut. Oh, and stickers. All before 7am.

Blondie….and her beautiful eyes getting down to business.

Ordered these….in black. Funky new Ray-Bans for our artsy, full of life girl. Love them!

Wubba's first trip to the beach!!

Do they look like they had a traumatic week? Nah? Well, good.

Maybe, just one day they'll forget about this week and only remember this. 

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