Thursday, July 3, 2014

Iontophoresis and Mei Mei

Hmmmmm. Big word. Mei Mei has hurt her knee and is doing PT for it. One of the things they're doing for her is Iontophoreses. If you read my lost post and played detective you will be able to discern that Mei has quite the aversion to needles and all things medical. When the Orthopedic Doc told us he was ordering Iontophoreses as part of her PT,  I had no idea what he was talking about. Totally new ground for me.  When I picked up the prescription for it and read "for injection" on the label I got a little nervous. Luckily, I'm married to the Doc who knew all about it and was the voice of reason.

Well…'s the coolest thing EVER. Basically you put the 'injectable cortisone' on a giant band-aid like pad along with saline. The cortisone saturated part goes directly on top of the injury and then a battery pack is placed on top of giant band-aid thingy. Using negative and positive charged ions the medicine goes into her knee like an injection without actually having to have an injection. After it's electrically charged by the battery you wear the giant bandaid thing wrapped in co-flex around for a few hours while you resume normal activity. Cool heh??!! For the actual definition of my new fav thing I've learned this week AND how a medical procedure can be my new BFF… this (scroll down to therapeutic uses). I am astounded yet again at the marvels of modern medicine and how in this case it has saved Mei from having to have bi-weekly injections into her knee. Y'all be amazed with me, ok? We get to do this for the next several weeks so here's to NO NEEDLES!
Getting electrified like a boss.

Ta-Da! No pain…..lots of gain.

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