Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Off the Train

We are an adventurous family. We are always on the go or looking for something to be on the go to. However, with our school year's being crazy and high pressure……we make it a point to make our summers low key. With some of the issues our girls have it's really important to let their brains 'rest' and while we still require things of them….they are a different kind of requirement. In other words…..we get off the train.

This past weekend we took the girls to the National Park Seashore in our area. If you have never been to a national park …..go. This system is one that our gov't does well. The educational programs and availability of learning materials makes it worth the trip alone. The rangers are friendly and up to date on current issues pertaining to their 'posts' and usually have a 'comeback' for Nature Girl who usually already knows all facts and figures pertaining to the topic at hand. While I didn't take tons of pics we did come away with a few choice ones that exhibit what 'Getting off the train' means to us.
Blondie. Her exuberance for life is contagious.
Yes, you can swim in a National Park. Please note we recycle and use our Halloween buckets as beach buckets in summer. Heh. Watching the colors of the sea change with incoming storms is something everyone should gaze in awe over. Simply stunning.

The Doc makes sure the littles catch awesome waves.

Gopher turtles are endangered but plentiful around here. This one was named 'Swimmy" by the littles.

'Swimmy' couldn't wait to get away from us and back to her business.

We hiked to a remote area of the park and watched the storm roll in over Mosquito Lagoon. Amazing ecosystem full of wildlife……and peace and quiet.

This ranger was awesome. She let the girls try on turtle shells and answered a billion zillion questions.

 Take time to get off the train and look at what's closest around you. You won't be sorry.

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