Monday, June 9, 2014

This Little Bit

Her sister and Grandma gave her the same card. And note
she won't be giving up her blankie. Nope….it's glued
to her side.
This little bit of a girl is in her last 2 days of being eight and I'm sad. This past Sunday was promotion day for kids church and as I marched her into the 4th grade class I felt a twinge of 'Whoa!' where did the time go??

Then she did it. She messed with my head big time. Every June I 'pretend' in my head we are moving (we aren't…. just pretend with me) and we PURGE every item in our house I wouldn't want to take with us if we weren't pretend moving. I'm a big proponent of not hoarding and not keeping what you don't need. I could go off on my "This is America and we have way too much stuff….' bandwagon but I'll save that for the moment because this happened…..

Mei Mei took me into her room and with a giant arm sweep told me to "get rid of all the baby toys and little kid stuff." It is happening. My youngest is now entering the pre-teen years and putting aside all those baby dolls, Polly Pockets,
and memories. It's a milestone around here. Bittersweet. Needs to happen. Y'all pray for me as I clean out her room. It's gonna be hard.

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