Monday, June 16, 2014

Mei Mei Turns 9!

     Well, it was only a week ago and this blogging mom can't seem to stay on top of the blogworld. Mei Mei is officially 9 and we celebrated twice! She had a big blowout party with all her school friends at out local Science Center before school was out. We've learned that with a summer birthday (she's our only one 'cept for the dog and The Doc) you have to do a party party before school lets out otherwise folks go out of town and you end up with no one at your party. Trust us on this one.
     Anyway…..her actual DAY was this past week and she wanted DisneyWorld. We surprised her by taking her to the new BE OUR GUEST restaurant right smack inside the Beast's Castle at Magic Kingdom. Gotta say, I'm not a big fan of Disney fast food so when I heard that during the day Be Our Guest was open for counter service I was a little nervous. Shouldn't have been. Best food for lunch at Disney yet…..and so much fun! We ate in the West Wing complete with the encased rose that kept losing petals. Oh dear… out Beast!

     We then made our way through the stifling heat and massive crowds (we know how to handle that by now) and scampered over to Animal Kingdom. Despite torrential rain we had a blast and brought "9" in with a bang!
This is what 9 looks like at the Beast's Castle!

The Lion King live show at Animal Kingdom is hands down the best. The female lead is nicknamed "The Gift". To this day this is what my son in law calls me……every. time. Right he should too:)

Wet from the rain Mei Mei was finally tall enough to hang with the big girls on the roller coasters!

Nature Girl spent her own money and bought all 3 sisters BFF necklaces. I cried. Emotional moment for the Mom.

Inside the castle……making memories!

Head to toe Elsa.

Getting her birthday badge on Main Street, USA.

There's just something about Main Street at Magic Kingdom. It really is Magic!

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