Friday, June 6, 2014

Lemonade, Lemonade! It's Summer!

     The littles have been after me to do a lemonade stand for some time. I've put it off because I'm always wary of creepy people and if I couldn't monitor their every move I didn't want them doing it. Today was the perfect time…..after all it's summer! With all their goods in tow (including 'donated' ahem…cough, cough lemonade) the ladies and Cade (He's been staying with the Princess Collection this week…..cause it's summer and he can),  set out to make their fortune…..from lemonade. They did remarkably well in the hot Florida sun and kept at it for HOURS! A huge boost to our day was when our favorite twins drove up and surprised the heck out of our little entrepreneurs. They had happened to see a pic I had posted to FB and 'happened' (yes, really) to be in the neighborhood. Awesome friends….they are the best!

     Our little people were anything but shy about advertising their goods and to be honest….I was a little worried. We live in a gated community that's not super large ……and we are the loud house. Most  parents in the hood work full time and it's a really quiet place. However, my worries were in vain. These little sales people had a constant stream of customers all day and well…..according to what we were expecting made out right well. Even the UPS man stopped by TWICE to get a fill up. Hearing the kids navigate Spanish with some yard workers was quite funny. They did it and hats off to those guys for coming to buy from our crew! I'm getting nothing on my list done this summer but we sure are having fun!!

Mei Mei's face when she realized they had topped the $15 mark halfway through the day. Of course my friend Nikki may have had something to do with that:)

Mom Jo stopped by during her errand running to have a cold drink.

Mel, Caro and Mollie came to our fine establishment. They were happy to see Cade since he defected earlier in the week.

I can't even.

We're cute! Buy our stuff!!

The grand total? They made $28! That's $7 each for our little salespeople. Quite a productive day in the hood!

We'll be shopping tomorrow. She's an instant gratification kind of girl!

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