Thursday, May 29, 2014

First and Last

First Day of School 2013

Last Day of School 2013-2014
This year's first and lasts with the girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. What did we learn?? Well, lots. From the looks of the bottom pic it appears we gained sass, confidence and pushing Mom's buttons 101.  Heh. That we did! Mei Mei got glasses and immediately her grades went up. Hmmmmm. Amazing how that works. It was a phenom year on all accounts. Can't begin to tell you how wonderful our school is and how they have gone above and beyond the call for us on multiple occasions. Truly a family. See those schmancy backpacks up top? Torn to shreds now. We work hard, play hard, live hard.

 Both Nature Girl and Blondie grew tall. Nature Girl is almost 5'5" and finding clothes that aren't a gazillion dollars (she puts holes in everything still) is a daunting task. She wears a ladies size 9 shoe so no shoe sharing with her!  Blondie is hovering a little over 5 ft. but is catching up fast. Her shoes are easy….ladies 7's. Mei Mei is still teeny tiny at not quite 48". See those shorts she has on? Size 4-5. Shoes are still from the toddler department size 12.5 or 13 (she turns 9 in a couple of weeks and is heading into the 4th grade.)

Our summer plans are unplanned. This is the first year in a long while we are up in the air as to which direction to turn. Stay tuned cause we don't stay still for long!!

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