Sunday, April 6, 2014

Run or Dye

      I think by now most people know about the Color Runs that take place nation wide. We made plans (way last fall) to participate with our office staff this weekend in the local Color Run knock off here known as "Run or Dye." Basically it's running a 5k, while being pelted with colored cornstarch every mile marker. ….and sometimes in between.  Each 'station' is a different color and by the time you finish the race you are Rainbow Brite herself….or scarier. Sound fun? It is. …..and it's totally a way to be active and exercise together as a family.

     We did the original Color Run last year….in September ….in Florida (translation….400 degrees)….with the entire population of runners in the state ALL running at the same time (at least it felt that way)….so parts of it were fun but when Run or Dye came around we had a strategy. I actually almost didn't go to this one because Mei Mei had hyperextended her knee in gym and needed to rest it….and there was the new glasses thing. Flying colored cornstarch (say that 3x fast) isn't exactly optimal for 8 year olds with newly discovered vision issues in case you missed the memo. BUT….. all the girls were DYING to race again so off to Kissimmee we went.
The family that plays together…..

So pretty and clean…..

Literally the first ones at the rope for the start. Mei Mei was already pink.

Nature Girl with sisters in front of her catching prizes at the start.

Our office staff….so clean and shiny at the start.

The colored cornstarch.

Her kind of party.

Elsa blue…..the hardest color to get off of skin and clothes. Trust me.

Her hair came completely clean. Honest. She would've liked it pink.

These two. Gazelles.

The finish line!

My strategy of hat, glasses and towel work every time. 
      The race was really fun. Not as hot….and not near as many people. The Doc and Blondie took off clip-clopping at the front of the pack while I pushed Mei in a stroller. (Y'all…….she's 8 and still fits in her baby stroller….and likes it.) I just ran/pushed that kid with a towel over her head through the flying starch with the Frozen soundtrack turned all the way up on my I-phone to drown out my huffing and puffing.  I myself kept a hat and sunglasses on, (with a towel too) and we trudged the entire way with Nature Girl stopping to ROLL herself in the color each and every station. Sound like fun? It was. Family memory. One day they're going to tell their grandchildren about rolling in mounds of colored cornstarch in the cow fields of Kissimmee, Fl……..for real.

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