Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter…..And a Funeral.

     My father-in-law was sick. He had a rare type of cancer that progressed quickly after Christmas and took his life in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th….the day after Good Friday, but the day before Easter. He's with Jesus now…..no longer hurting….no longer wondering if the pain will cease. Living completely free……without hesitation or restraint. Dancing with our Lord.

I was thinking today about the fact that there is NO suffering, no sickness, no worry, no pain in heaven. So much of our world revolves around our health (or lack thereof). In heaven there is nothing but perfection…..and perfect bodies. It's hard to comprehend while we are still living in our finite selves. One day we will know…..until then, we hope. As Christians there's a hope that encompasses all we do or think. A hope that never disappoints….no matter how cruel the cancer can be. Hope is oxygen to the family of the dying. We lived this out tangibly……our bodies weary from the battle called this past week.

Easter Sunday…..fresh hope of the resurrection upon us, yet fresh pain from a loved ones death. We went to church and hosted close to 40 people after for lunch and an egg hunt. Fourteen kids hunted for some well (and not so well) hidden eggs among the Florida palm trees. Life continues in the midst of the struggle to find reasons, hidden hope in the days following a crisis. I think we found that this Easter. The resurrection life…..that gives hope eternal.
Up and at em Easter Sunday. Made it to the early service even toting Wubba (his parents had a 4am call time….which is what happens when you are musicians and it's a holiday!)

Wubba and his women. I. can't. even. 

14 kids and a successful egg hunt? Why yes, it was.

The big boys (the dad's) who SUPPOSED to hide the eggs well…..dumped a pile of them in the middle of the backyard. Yep, just piled them up in one giant pile. Way to go dads. Heh.

Very competitive. Very.

Bikini and cast. 

Mollie Bear….eating Skittles off the ground. There's no other way.

She found the golden egg! She did, she did!

These two sat just like this just a few months back after Halloween. We need a parents holiday…..

Totally non-scripted picture. This girl…..

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