Thursday, March 27, 2014

Plain 'ol Life

     After Spring Break but before Summer life has kicked in. I will tell you this. Everything with adopted children is harder. Everything. I'm doing some research as to why this is which I will share soon. Let's suffice it to say….trust me. It just is. Even plain ol daily life.
     We are back in the throes of this plain ol life. Early mornings….rushing out the door…..forgetting your school project so the Mom has to bring it to the school after she has driven all the way home….gymnastics practice (lots of meets coming up!!)…..playdates…training for Mom's new job…..homeschool days….birthday parties…church events…family dinners..the everlasting laundry….grocery shopping and feeding these people. (Has anyone else noticed the price of food has gone up a gazillion dollars AGAIN? What's up with that?)
     We are crazy busy but at the same time not so busy. I don't want to miss the days that are completely NORMAL. Before we adopted I yearned to give an orphan a home….for a child (ren) to have a normal life.  Now our youngest three have that…..and I don't want it to pass us by unnoticed…..unmentioned. I love the quote, "One day you'll realize that the little things in life were really the big ones." So very true, don't you think? I love our normal. Click below to see a piece of Mei Mei's never ending constant motion normal. Dizzy.

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  1. That was the quote that I shared at my first husband's funeral. It's so true. Don't miss a moment. Things come and go but memories are forever!