Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Little Project

    Happy New Year! I'm starting this year with a little project over on Instagram and Facebook. It's called the 365 Grateful Project begun a few years back by a woman named Hailey. She was struggling with depression and decided to fight it by taking a picture and documenting everyday something she was grateful for. Sounds simple, right? It worked. Her depression soon ceased as she learned there was so much to count as blessings in the everyday. She even wrote a book about it.
     So, this year I am joining in. I have found it so easy to focus on the negative in life. There are ALWAYS problems and mountains to climb that can wear us down to depressive and negative puddles of goop on the floor. However, I have learned that in the midst of great difficulties there are always circles of blessings ABOUNDING …..but friend…we must look for them. Be intentional. Look. Let's all get off that negative, grumpy, life stinks train. How in the big wide world does that glorify God? When your soul is downcast it is so easy to look around the blessings, or even over them….and lose that heart of being grateful in the little. Blessings. They are there. They are always there. You. Must. Look.  Sometimes they are little…..sometimes hiding under layers and layers of junk…but they are there. I promise. This year….I'm going to document mine. Would you consider joining in and doing the same?
     Right now in our house and extended family we are facing cancer, surgery, chronic disease, chronic pain, loneliness, uncertainty, pregnancy, aging parents, chicken pox (had to throw that one in there for a laugh!), special needs children, ….and the list goes on. But I guarantee you…..however bad it gets….with all certainty you will never cease to be able to count the blessings in your life. They are gifts from God Almighty not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Focus on being grateful and your outlook will change. I don't know about you but I want people to admire the way we handle our difficulties. Much of this is a choice of being grateful when life isn't going according to our plan…..then we can give the credit where it is due….Jesus.
     If you are not connected with us on Instagram or Facebook…..join us with the 365 Grateful Project. Scroll down for the buttons on the left side of this page and follow us. We will follow you back! We are on Instagram as 'Rhythmsofgracex3', and FB as Rhythms of Grace. Be sure to use #365grateful on your photos and let's use 2014 as the year named Grateful. Are you with me?

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