Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twisted Christmas-Part 1

     We LOVE Christmas and everything about it! The Doc and I don't do gifts for each other….and haven't in years and years but we do do all kinds of activities leading up to (and sometimes after) that are just as meaningful as a gift. In other words….we celebrate the entire month….and have a blast doing it. The past few years we indirectly began a new tradition of doing something special as a family on the 23rd….to be together as a family with the 3 littles before the crazy of the big day arrives. Two years ago it was Sea World and their nighttime Christmas Shamu Show; last year was Disney with a dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge's Boma Restaurant. This year's festivities were planned months ago and I for one was so excited! We had never done The Candlelight Processional at Disney's Epcot as a family and decided this was the year. Every year celebrities narrate the Christmas Story straight out of Luke 2 accompanied by choirs and a full orchestra. We picked to go see Steven Curtis Chapman….not because of his music per say but because of what he stands for. We knew he believed and lived out every single word he would speak….and having adopted daughters from China didn't hurt either….smile.
     We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom….getting to see their famous Christmas Parade which didn't disappoint. After heading over to Epcot we dined at the Garden Grille Restaurant in The Land Pavillion. The Garden Grille doesn't look like much from the outside….but it's an actual rotating restaurant that goes in a circle through 'The Land' ride while you are eating. Dinner is brought family style to your table and Mickey, Goofy, Chip and Dale and Pluto stopped by to say Merry Christmas to our Princesses. Then we had reserved seats for the Processional. It went like clockwork until it poured rain during the show. We were able to sneak up under cover sitting on the floor all while getting a superb view of SCC and the orchestra. Too bad things like fire codes and crowd control can ruffle Disney Securities feathers. (Merry Grinchmas to them.) Rain stopped and we returned to our seats….wet, but happy. Every year I'm so glad we do our 'December 23rd Adventure Day' and every year I think it can't get better….but this year topped the cake. Want to know what was the best? Hearing your daughters recite Luke 2 right along with SCC….because they have it already memorized from school. Awesomeness.
     Christmas Eve was upon us in a flash. We attend our church's candlelight service which this year was fantastic. Daughter Julie and Son in law Jon were (and still are) in town (staying with us for 3 weeks) and played/sang all 3 services which meant they were gone most of the day. We were watchers of Wubba -the not quite 5 months old sweetest baby ever…... and this group is not ashamed to say, "what Wubba wants, Wubba gets!" However…'s about now that things started to go a little awry….Hmmmmm…..
      You see….Jon plays electric guitar….like a phenom. He's hands down incredible and was a huge part of the Christmas Eve services. Julie sings and they often sing/play together. (Our church puts a huge emphasis on music and has some amazing musicians….one of the reasons we love it so). Well….Jon hadn't felt well all day….and by the 3rd service was really struggling to hold it together. The Doc was called for…….and in the back halls of the auditorium between sets….discovered Jon had of all things…..Chicken Pox. Yep. Christmas just got a whole lot twisted…..
     Next day….the boy was really, I mean really sick. It went downhill fast. If you've ever know an adult with Chicken Pox, go buy them a giant gift basket full of everything wonderful you've ever had or thought about and rush it to them. Bring them giant bags of crushed ice, and massive amounts of Gatorade…..and hope….that this will all be over soon.  Adult CP is awful. Adult CP is misery. Enough said.
     We had to make decisions….I mean it was Christmas and we had a contagious disease in our house. How do you do Christmas with an extremely sick son in law, a distraught daughter, a 4 month old baby,  and little girls that were excited and wanting family surrounding them? How do you tell the 20 people that were coming over for Christmas "Merry Christmas and here is some Chicken Pox to go with that mistletoe and turkey?"
    Poor Jon. Not his fault. He would have never picked this and we do not blame him one bit for twisting Christmas. His entire vacation now was now going to be spent in Pox rehab….while we attempted to keep this baby and the rest of the entire family away from Pox man. Much to the littles chagrin….we had to cancel our giant party with all the relatives…..and live out Christmas in Quarantine 101 all while making it an adventure.
     Here's a start of how it went down……More of what you do during a Pox invasion is in Part Deux. (You throw a Pox party…..while keeping the Pox-ee sequestered under lock and key in a separate part of the house with orders not to come out….. yep.) So here are some pics BP (Before Pox)…..
Main Street USA at Christmas. Nothing like it anywhere! 

Best place to view the parades? Why the top floor of the train station of course!

A dad moment. Love.

Dinner with Mickey! 

Wubba's first Christmas Eve!

Ready for services!

(Sick) Guitar player extraordinaire who kept playing until he almost passed out. Never missed a note.

I never tire of hearing her …..she's remarkable but also unaware of almost passed out husband right behind her. He hid it well. Really well.

Julie picked out their awesomest Xmas outfits. 

Christmas jammies!

Hmmmmm. What's this?

Tradition! The Doc and his elves secretly decorate one of the girls rooms for Christmas from head to toe…..then there is a GIANT slumber party for the sistahs all night and well into the dawn.

So excited…..and learning that these are the best memories!

Jon, Julie and Wubba. Does Jon look sick? Well…….
Visions of sugarplums…..

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