Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Faces of the Season

      Looks like Christmas has come with full force. We aren't complaining….just wanting to fit it all in. The littles are fairly bursting with excitement, not to mention uber full Christmas lists as the big day gets nearer. We have schedules done and lists made, wanting to make sure we provide memories and life experiences for these little ladies. So important… easy to get so busy and gloss over that which holds so much wonder for them still. We are being intentional with our planning and time…like today.
     Today the girls were in our community parade representing their school…..which to them is a pretty big deal. They have done this the last few years but this is the first year this mom has done it as the cheer coach. The girls were superb….beyond expectations as they pranced and danced their way down the mile long course …..starting off our Christmas events with a bang! What a great memory we made as a family! You know there are pictures of course (by the way….I try to not post pictures of others unless I have their permission. That's why so many of ours are cropped or side views or from far away.) Here you go.
I've said it before…I'll say it again. Social butterfly… of the party. Blondie in her element.

I told her she could wear a little make up so she did her own. She looks really old here I tell you.

This beauty handed out candy all along the parade route.


 These girls are my favorites! I hope they know that. I tell them enough!

Mei Mei's class pet came along for the ride:)

Love her dimple!

A shared moment captured between Mei Mei and her BF Anna. Love them so!

Party girl never. ever. stops.

They make me look younger….right??!!

The Doc rode in the school truck full of students. He was keeper of the music we danced by.

She danced her little heart out today.

Dancing, marching, more dancing over a mile course. They were AWESOME!! 

Winter Park, Florida. 84 Degrees on Dec. 7th. We were sweatin!

Merry Christmas! And…..Rah! I'm the one in front of that van with pom poms raised. These 2-5th grade girls are (one of) my awesome projects this year. What an honor to be able to help influence them!

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