Saturday, December 21, 2013

Never Herd Ducks Around Cranky Old Ladies…..and More Traditions

     We're having a blast this Christmas. School is out and I can lay that mentally aside. The girls are getting older dare I say it…..somewhat easier??!! (It does happen moms of babes!!) Daughter Julie, husband Jon and baby Josh are here for a looonnnngggg vacation which means lots of baby time for this Mimi and the Aunties. We also got our 'non-internet' shopping done in a marathon day yesterday,  so we could make time for all the fun things we count as tradition over these next few days.
     Today we all took off to tour the Disney hotels. The crowd levels were remarkably lower today vs. what's to come the next week, so it was stellar timing. The thing we HAVE to do every single year is get the homemade gingerbread men from the life-size gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian Hotel. Although they are called Gingerbread Men, they taste nothing like the kind you probably had as a kid. These are full of spices and resemble more of a crisp sugar cookie than actual chewy gingerbread. Oh my word…..I get one a year and they are to die for. We are currently all on low carb eating plans…..but today every single one of us ate an entire little man. So good. So tradition.
     And of course there are pictures. This day didn't disappoint with it's 85+ degree temperatures….girls falling in the lake chasing ducks…..and a very moody 8 year old. Oh the memories….we will look back and laugh at today. Actually….we already are.
Oh Mickey you're so fine….

First monorail ride for Wubba. The Contemporary Hotel is in the background.

We do gymnastics wherever we go….

First stop….The Basin Store….to exfoliate …smile.

The must do Grand Floridian picture by the tree…..

Daughter Julie, Jon and Wubba. Smile.

This hotel is magnificent at Christmas….right down to these awesome little babies. 

See my face? This was either right when I was told 'someone' accidentally fell in the lake or 'accidentally' pulled up one of the Poinsettias.  Gotta always be ready, Moms.

She was not admiring the flowers. She was catching lizards……Christmas style.

She insisted on wearing my glasses all day. Not sure why….but ok.

Watching an incident take place right in front of my eyes. Not willing to put down my 'once a year' carbs for a silly "Ooops! Don't tromp on the Poinsettias," now am I??!…..Nope. Now the eight year old begins her meltdown…..which lasts….long time.

This is what a meltdown 8 year old style looks like when she can still fit in a stroller cause she's teeny tiny….but can push herself away from you. You gotta laugh. We did.

They moved to North Carolina. May as well be Montana. It's too far. We miss them…..

I love this picture. It looks so serene and sweet  'Mother Daughtery"….and it is….kinda but not really. Nature Girl had decided to 'herd' the ducks…..only the ducks didn't want to be herded and she fell in the lake….and the sand….right in front of an outdoor restaurant…..where an elderly lady came out and scolded her sharply. Here we are simply doing our debriefing…….and learning never to herd ducks around cranky old ladies who know nothing of duck herding techniques.

I am wet, cold and sandy….and I will never herd ducks in front of old people at a restaurant again. Nope, not gonna do it.

How to make your sister mad. Really mad….cause Dad gave you 2 quarters and your time is running out.

He's such a good Dad.

The Wubbanator.

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