Wednesday, November 20, 2013

These Hands

These hands that could've very well been recipients of a shoe box themselves……are now packing them for others.

These hands that once knew want……are now being salt and light to those they don't even know…or even speak the same language.

These hands that have no idea what lies beyond our country's borders……are sending hope into war-torn, poverty-stricken lands where other little hands live out their everyday.

These hands are being trained…..that it's not all about them. This world is a mission field... this life is short, and people matter…for eternity.

These hands fold and pray…..for those little girls, the same age as them….that will soon hold this very shoebox, read the letter, see the picture, hold the toys, ….and know someone just like them very far away….is their friend and is praying for them.

These hands….joined with thousands all across our country can make a difference. It's national collection week. It's not to late to make your shoebox(es). Be the hands.

We don't do a gazillion boxes. Each girl does one….personalized from them. They each pick out every item, write a personal letter and include a pic. Maybe one day we'll do volume….but not now. We want them to own this….and they are.

Each girl praying specifically for the girl that will receive her box. Last year ours went to Lebanon, Africa and the Caribbean. Where will they go this year?

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