Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Please Pray For Those Hurting

Today I had the opportunity to hear the precious voices of our 3rd graders at school…..asking our heavenly Father to help those affected in the Phillippines by the typhoon. It was a slice of heaven on earth (bringing me to tears) to hear the honesty, compassion and faith these children brought to their prayers. Oh that we as adults would be this innocent and transparent as we come to the Father with our requests. I know God heard them…Could, would you please stop and pray now for our brothers and sisters hurting in the aftermath of this storm? Pray for clean water sources, the ability of rescue networks to get through non-existent infrastructures…..and for those hurting to continue to put their hope in our Faithful God. Prayer moves mountains and the promises of God ring ever true…..even in the face of indescribable disaster. Now is the time church…..Pray, give, be part of the solution.

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