Friday, November 1, 2013

It Was A Fun Time

Cause I know you've been inundated with pumpkin and cute kiddos in Halloween costumes. Cause I know you've had your fill of Florida Fake Fall (uhm, 88 degrees here today), and candy crazed ads. Not enough you say? Cause I know you were holding your breath (ha) wondering what all our people dressed up as for Halloween. We had quite the party with our excellent friends who brought our favorite TWINS to trick or treat with us along with Jay, Mel, Mom Jo and kiddos…..we munched on Jack o Lantern shaped pizzas and had libations for those that felt so inclined. The kids were their usual adorable selves….well, make that extra adorable this night. As always, I will let the photos tell the story. This night The Doc was in charge of the camera which always lends a different view than mine. Halloween sneaks up on me every.time,  and I have to be careful not to get crazy in the head in the midst of a crazed school/work season. This was fun. We let our kids (and adults) be wild, crazy…totally themselves. Love.
No costume needed.

She was kind of Juliet-meets-Turtle-Man-Crocodile-Hunter. In other words, the usual:) And beautiful!

Pop-star gymnast who flips more than she stands (here in mid-flip).

Cleopatra….cleaned out her mom's make-up supply and now wants to start a career as a make-up artist. 

Cuter than the real Tinkerbell for sure.

Baby owl.


Soccer phenom.

Poised. Ready.

Getting a pic of all 8 kids. Such an easy task…..said no one ever.

Bedazzled with glowsticks. We could see them bobbing all over the neighborhood that way.

Get this party started!

Bobbing glowsticks is how we knew where they were. Awesome.

My friend is Wonder Woman. No really. She really, truly is.

Precious. They were so polite. The kids too:)

Mei Mei and her friend Marissa counting…..

Tink loves her "Kitty Cat" bar!

Can you see what this is? It's Merida from Brave. Blondie and Mei Mei carved it themselves. Quite remarkable I think. Quite.

Beautiful Bella.

Can y'all read his hat? No? Probably better that way.

It's my Twix….and you can't have it! No! Stay away! I will protect it until the death! Get back I tell you!  Grrrrrrrr……..

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