Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Hysteria of the Blue Shorts

Just when we thought it couldn't get any did.

     Daughter Julie is here visiting with the 2.5 month old LITTLE baby. He came with a pair of blue shorts .....a SINGLE pair of blue shorts. The other clothes he has are all long jeans and pants. Seems it's getting a little nippy in NC and thus no shorts for Wubba. This is the only pair of knit blue shorts the kid has, and it was going to have to last the week here in the heat after washing....washing...washing, unless we lazy people who order everything from Amazon these days could be persuaded to go to the store. The SINGLE pair of blue shorts is a size 0-3 months. Important to know and the picture will verify this.
     Well now....wouldn't you know that pair of shorts went missing. Go figure. Here in the land of maybe, just maybe the laundry will make it to the correct rooms in this lifetime  week.....the land where we have a designated table just for laundry to sit on day after day just waiting for the Good Fairy to come fold it. Somehow we think the blue shorts after missing and being HUNTED DOWN for the good part of the day, landed upon this magical laundry pile. We aren't sure exactly but there is no other explanation for what then occurred. Julie was beginning to really worry about Wubba's blue shorts. He needed them bad. They were NO WHERE. Really strange. We went about our daily life after searching for what seemed like hours. Shorts had vanished.
      The Aunties went on to school and gymnastics and life continued. The next day when the subject of the blue shorts came up again.....(I could've bought a gazillion pair by now at Target) I decided to search one last time. We found them wadded up in Mei Mei's gym stuff. Then we realized what had happened. Mei Mei, who is teeny-tiny at 8 years old had thought Wubba's shorts on the laundry pile were hers. She wears short biker-type shorts over her leotard each gym day.  She had worn those 0-3 month shorts all day to gymnastics and had backhandspringed the bejeebers out of them. Are you getting the picture here? Our 8 year old Mei Mei.....aka Wubba's Auntie can fit in a NEWBORN baby's 0-3 month shorts.....not only that.....she thought they were her usual workout pants. She had them on ALL flipping day right under our noses AS WE WERE LOOKING for the shorts.
       We cannot stop laughing. Can. Not. Stop. Hope you are laughing as well. We knew she was little but this .....this is remarkable. And very, very cray.
Proof.  And would ya look at that? They're made in China....just like Mei Mei;)

The FOUND missing shorts.

The type shorts usually worn over a leo. Yes, they are as little as they look. The kid is a funsize candy bar.

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