Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Going By Too Fast

Big families sometimes scare people but we find it quite fun. The past couple of days we've had all 7 kids under age 12 together while the adults play catch up ...while daughter Julie is here in town for the week. It's going by too fast. It's quite amazing how the 5 non-babies get along (ages 3-12)....running crazy in the neighborhood, catching turtles in the lake with nets (big turtles....very big), having sleepovers,  playing baby dolls, and making those darn rubber band bracelet thingys that have replaced the silly band craze. The kitchen floor is carpeted with multicolored rubber bands. Oy vey. We even squeezed in a family photo shoot with EVERYONE. Ever do a photo shoot with 7 kids? Mission accomplished. Those coming soon. In the mean time......
The littlest littles doing what littles do......all while trying not to get stepped on.


And there's been lots of this:) Lots.

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