Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Night Lights

     I love when pictures tell a story. I love it even more when we remember to bring the awesomely remarkable whoop-de-do camera with us! Last weekend was our school's high school homecoming game.....under the Friday Night Lights.
      Let me backtrack a see a few weeks before the school year began I was offered the job of Cheer Coach for the 2-5th graders at the school. It's actually taught as part of the school curriculum on Fridays.  I had told myself I wasn't going to work as much this year (last year was a juggle waaaayyyyy beyond normal parameters), but this job I couldn't resist. I LOVE to work. I LOVE kids. I LOVED being a cheerleader oh so many moons ago, and I LOVE our it was a good fit for me and it's working out beautifully considering I have 2 of my own little cherubs to coach. So we headed out to the stadium to cheer on our high school team who ended up winning 54-0. Would you believe with all these pics we still didn't get a pic of the FOOTBALL team in there? Yea, the photo's are chocked-full of little people doing their thang......telling the story of our Friday Night Lights.
We take our school spirit veerrryyy seriously.

The girl with the coolest eyes!

The teeny tiniest of the squad.

Pondering our set up before the game. Determined. Focused. Hah!

Adorbs! And a huge part of why I do what I do.

Getting them motivated. Yea, whatever works:)

Doesn't get much cuter than this!!

Blondie is our social butterfly and has a gazillion friends. She's always got a group of the BEST girls hanging out with her. Love.

Glitter spray. The whole can apparently. I bought 8 cans to last me the season, then hid them. Every single one of them was empty by the end of this game. How we roll.

Being loud is our specialty. It's hard work (see the dripping sweat?)

She's awesome. One of my oldest and most helpful this year. She rocks.

Meet Caroline, my granddaughter. She came to the game with her Dad, her purse, and her library books. Not kidding. So cute!

The smallest team member.....always.

Whatever it takes. Whatev people.

I love this pic because it tells it's own story. There are 6 (!!) of us from our family in this pic and only one is actually watching the game. Yep. The whole reason why we are there:)

Reading Maisy.....from the library no the football game. Hysterical.

Yes, I coach my daughters while holding my granddaughter. Proud of it!

My girls. I love them so!

There really was a football team to cheer for. I promise!

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