Saturday, October 26, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story



     As does this one. We ended up with passes to all the Disney parks and Sea World this year. Uhm, best year ever! We LOVE having the magic at our fingertips and the family unity it has fostered. The Princess Collection has had their share of thrill rides…..some they have loved (Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom was ridden 9 times in one day), some they have hated (Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Never, ever, ever, ever again said they.) Today we went Trick or Treating at Sea World which is an October tradition for many Central Florida Families. The ladies dressed up and hit the candy booths. When it came time for rides there was mixed response… see Mei Mei cannot ride any of the big awesome coasters at Sea World. She may not be able to ride them for YEARS and YEARS (nope, not an exaggeration in the slightest) because she is so small and she is a coaster LOVER! She stands a mere 45 inches tall… elf. (Does YOUR 8 year old still ride in a stroller?) Disney mixes up the height requirements for their coasters and she makes the cut off for a few…..but Sea World?? You have to be 54 inches for the cool ones. May as well be 100 for Mei Mei.
     So we told the older girls to take Mei on Shamu. The little kids coaster for Pete's sake where you only need stand 36 nice, tall, lanky inches. Well, they looked at us like we were crazed and/or rabid. Seems like Shamu holds little to no thrill once you've conquered the likes of 'Rockin Rollercoaster' or 'Everest'. However, they complied. Even got the front seats. Take a look at the picture. You'll see that the roller-coaster divas are still easily swayed by the likes of Shamu. Do they look the least bit sad to you? And please excuse Blondie's self make-up job as Cleopatra with her lovely hair removed. That wig lasted 5 min., but the make-up traveled all around her face throughout the day. Heh. Lil cuties. Win for Shamu. Bigger win for the 'rents who love to be right.