Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Healer God, Jehovah Rapha. Our Nature Girl.

…..Healer God. Jehovah Rapha. He is with us…..more than we could ever imagine. When you look at these pictures you may just see a young girl hanging out at a horse barn for an afternoon yesterday. But……..

We see incredibly more. We see where this girl used to be…..and we see miracles taking place in the now. This girl with the rocky beginnings….all the unknowns….all the predictions that said she couldn't… defying all the odds. She's stronger, mentally and physically. She's sleeping now. She skipped a grade this year. She's keeping up……and making straight A's. El Roi. The God who sees us. He heard our cry.
     We have prayed for this child's healing from the beginning. She came to us with her clothes ….the few she had... in a garbage bag. She's been so weak at times that she couldn't even hold her head up. Now look at her. El HaNe'eman. The Faithful God. If you ever doubt the faithfulness of God in your own life….remember this child's story. Holy ground. Beauty from ashes. It's happening….now.

All photos taken with a Nikon D7000 by the Mama. No animals harmed or maimed during this photo shoot. Just thought you should know that…..

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Every Picture Tells A Story



     As does this one. We ended up with passes to all the Disney parks and Sea World this year. Uhm, best year ever! We LOVE having the magic at our fingertips and the family unity it has fostered. The Princess Collection has had their share of thrill rides…..some they have loved (Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom was ridden 9 times in one day), some they have hated (Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Never, ever, ever, ever again said they.) Today we went Trick or Treating at Sea World which is an October tradition for many Central Florida Families. The ladies dressed up and hit the candy booths. When it came time for rides there was mixed response… see Mei Mei cannot ride any of the big awesome coasters at Sea World. She may not be able to ride them for YEARS and YEARS (nope, not an exaggeration in the slightest) because she is so small and she is a coaster LOVER! She stands a mere 45 inches tall… elf. (Does YOUR 8 year old still ride in a stroller?) Disney mixes up the height requirements for their coasters and she makes the cut off for a few…..but Sea World?? You have to be 54 inches for the cool ones. May as well be 100 for Mei Mei.
     So we told the older girls to take Mei on Shamu. The little kids coaster for Pete's sake where you only need stand 36 nice, tall, lanky inches. Well, they looked at us like we were crazed and/or rabid. Seems like Shamu holds little to no thrill once you've conquered the likes of 'Rockin Rollercoaster' or 'Everest'. However, they complied. Even got the front seats. Take a look at the picture. You'll see that the roller-coaster divas are still easily swayed by the likes of Shamu. Do they look the least bit sad to you? And please excuse Blondie's self make-up job as Cleopatra with her lovely hair removed. That wig lasted 5 min., but the make-up traveled all around her face throughout the day. Heh. Lil cuties. Win for Shamu. Bigger win for the 'rents who love to be right.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Got A Facelift!!

Soooo.....what do you think? We've been working on the blog facelift for a few weeks now and I'm so excited at how it's coming together!! Obviously it's a work in progress and since I'm rarely sitting down these days it may take a while to connect all the links. Please, oh please be patient because I'm loving the way it's progressing!!

I worked with my friend who has gone above and beyond to make this what I had in my head. Love her artistic eye and her love of photography.......hope you love it too!!

Stay in touch!! More soon from ROG!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Hysteria of the Blue Shorts

Just when we thought it couldn't get any did.

     Daughter Julie is here visiting with the 2.5 month old LITTLE baby. He came with a pair of blue shorts .....a SINGLE pair of blue shorts. The other clothes he has are all long jeans and pants. Seems it's getting a little nippy in NC and thus no shorts for Wubba. This is the only pair of knit blue shorts the kid has, and it was going to have to last the week here in the heat after washing....washing...washing, unless we lazy people who order everything from Amazon these days could be persuaded to go to the store. The SINGLE pair of blue shorts is a size 0-3 months. Important to know and the picture will verify this.
     Well now....wouldn't you know that pair of shorts went missing. Go figure. Here in the land of maybe, just maybe the laundry will make it to the correct rooms in this lifetime  week.....the land where we have a designated table just for laundry to sit on day after day just waiting for the Good Fairy to come fold it. Somehow we think the blue shorts after missing and being HUNTED DOWN for the good part of the day, landed upon this magical laundry pile. We aren't sure exactly but there is no other explanation for what then occurred. Julie was beginning to really worry about Wubba's blue shorts. He needed them bad. They were NO WHERE. Really strange. We went about our daily life after searching for what seemed like hours. Shorts had vanished.
      The Aunties went on to school and gymnastics and life continued. The next day when the subject of the blue shorts came up again.....(I could've bought a gazillion pair by now at Target) I decided to search one last time. We found them wadded up in Mei Mei's gym stuff. Then we realized what had happened. Mei Mei, who is teeny-tiny at 8 years old had thought Wubba's shorts on the laundry pile were hers. She wears short biker-type shorts over her leotard each gym day.  She had worn those 0-3 month shorts all day to gymnastics and had backhandspringed the bejeebers out of them. Are you getting the picture here? Our 8 year old Mei Mei.....aka Wubba's Auntie can fit in a NEWBORN baby's 0-3 month shorts.....not only that.....she thought they were her usual workout pants. She had them on ALL flipping day right under our noses AS WE WERE LOOKING for the shorts.
       We cannot stop laughing. Can. Not. Stop. Hope you are laughing as well. We knew she was little but this .....this is remarkable. And very, very cray.
Proof.  And would ya look at that? They're made in China....just like Mei Mei;)

The FOUND missing shorts.

The type shorts usually worn over a leo. Yes, they are as little as they look. The kid is a funsize candy bar.

It's Going By Too Fast

Big families sometimes scare people but we find it quite fun. The past couple of days we've had all 7 kids under age 12 together while the adults play catch up ...while daughter Julie is here in town for the week. It's going by too fast. It's quite amazing how the 5 non-babies get along (ages 3-12)....running crazy in the neighborhood, catching turtles in the lake with nets (big turtles....very big), having sleepovers,  playing baby dolls, and making those darn rubber band bracelet thingys that have replaced the silly band craze. The kitchen floor is carpeted with multicolored rubber bands. Oy vey. We even squeezed in a family photo shoot with EVERYONE. Ever do a photo shoot with 7 kids? Mission accomplished. Those coming soon. In the mean time......
The littlest littles doing what littles do......all while trying not to get stepped on.


And there's been lots of this:) Lots.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Someone Came to Visit

Blogging has had to go by the wayside a little because someone little has come to pay a visit. After moving to NC country when he was 5 weeks old, Josh has come back to see his Aunties, Mimi, Gamps and cousins..... at a whopping 11.5 weeks and sameish poundage. Excuse us por favor as we make some memories. Back at you soon.....with some awesome photos:)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Night Lights

     I love when pictures tell a story. I love it even more when we remember to bring the awesomely remarkable whoop-de-do camera with us! Last weekend was our school's high school homecoming game.....under the Friday Night Lights.
      Let me backtrack a see a few weeks before the school year began I was offered the job of Cheer Coach for the 2-5th graders at the school. It's actually taught as part of the school curriculum on Fridays.  I had told myself I wasn't going to work as much this year (last year was a juggle waaaayyyyy beyond normal parameters), but this job I couldn't resist. I LOVE to work. I LOVE kids. I LOVED being a cheerleader oh so many moons ago, and I LOVE our it was a good fit for me and it's working out beautifully considering I have 2 of my own little cherubs to coach. So we headed out to the stadium to cheer on our high school team who ended up winning 54-0. Would you believe with all these pics we still didn't get a pic of the FOOTBALL team in there? Yea, the photo's are chocked-full of little people doing their thang......telling the story of our Friday Night Lights.
We take our school spirit veerrryyy seriously.

The girl with the coolest eyes!

The teeny tiniest of the squad.

Pondering our set up before the game. Determined. Focused. Hah!

Adorbs! And a huge part of why I do what I do.

Getting them motivated. Yea, whatever works:)

Doesn't get much cuter than this!!

Blondie is our social butterfly and has a gazillion friends. She's always got a group of the BEST girls hanging out with her. Love.

Glitter spray. The whole can apparently. I bought 8 cans to last me the season, then hid them. Every single one of them was empty by the end of this game. How we roll.

Being loud is our specialty. It's hard work (see the dripping sweat?)

She's awesome. One of my oldest and most helpful this year. She rocks.

Meet Caroline, my granddaughter. She came to the game with her Dad, her purse, and her library books. Not kidding. So cute!

The smallest team member.....always.

Whatever it takes. Whatev people.

I love this pic because it tells it's own story. There are 6 (!!) of us from our family in this pic and only one is actually watching the game. Yep. The whole reason why we are there:)

Reading Maisy.....from the library no the football game. Hysterical.

Yes, I coach my daughters while holding my granddaughter. Proud of it!

My girls. I love them so!

There really was a football team to cheer for. I promise!