Monday, September 9, 2013

The Girls Great Escape (In More Ways Than One)

     The Doc travels as part of his job and lately has been gone quite frequently. This past weekend he was in LA speaking at a conference, so being the nice guy that he is decided to send his girls on a little getaway. It also happens to coincide with a certain Nature Girl's birthday that's this week, so another perfect excuse to escape the norm and go play. The little ladies are such great ages now and lots of fun to be around, not to mention great little travelers. (I have to stop saying little.....Nature Girl is 5' 2.5".Mei Mei is the only true little of the bunch, and that fact will probably never change).
     To surprise Nature Girl the Doc booked us a room at Disney's New Art of Animation Resort where they have 'themed' suites of various Disney characters. We stayed in the Nemo suite which was just what Nature Girl ordered. All 3 girlies were so surprised and excited when we opened the door. Each suite has a separate master bedroom with wifi, flat screen tv, it's own bathroom w/rain shower head, while the girls room had a mini-kitchen, their own flat screen, murphy pull out queen bed and another full-size fold out couch....AND another bathroom.....all decked out to the nth degree in it's theme. This is all at what Disney considers their 'value' resort so the price was really great. Throw in fabulous playgrounds, pools, and a couple of theme parks and you've got a winner weekend.
     It was going quite well there for a while until two of the three decided to spring a good one on dear old Mom (uh, that would be me). We had had a fabulous day....hung out at Hollywood Studios for a while then came back to the hotel for pool time. I got to catch up with a girlfriend while the girls swam and made a few new friends. (They are quite the friendly bunch and make friends like ducks to water.) We decided to take a break and head back to the room to chill for a bit before dinner. I went to my 'room' with the girls within sight and/or earshot.....and the girls were given explicit instructions NOT to go out the door for any reason. I thought they were playing Barbies and watching TV, I mean I could hear them plain as day. Oh, how deceived I was!
     As I was sitting on my bed I noticed what I thought was a blond head outside through my window. Hmmmmm. Did Blondie go out the door without me knowing? It was a looooonnnnnggggg way around the building from the exit to where our room was. These were not low windows nor large ones either. No glass sliding doors for Disney on this building. No, these windows were tiny, upper-middle of the wall sort that you had to stand up to see out of.  I stuck my head into the other room. Nope, no one had opened the triple-locked door. I sat back down. Then I saw a littler (if littler isn't a word I don't want to know. It is in my book.)  head full of jet-black hair streak past my window. There was no mistaking that one. I looked out my window and sure enough I caught sight of Mei Mei AND Blondie running in the large field outside my window. Not only that but they were  both doing round-off, back handsprings, aerials and such down the entire length of this huge field laughing and having the time of their lives! As I stood there gawking with my mouth hanging open (they were SUPPOSED to be playing Barbies, INSIDE, remember??) I realized that people had STOPPED on the sidewalk beside the field and now the girls had quite the audience gathered who just happened to be TAKING PICTURES of my acrobats who were SUPPOSED to be inside, because they were told NOT TO OPEN THE DOOR. People were clapping for them!  (Mei Mei does look like a 4 year old so I guess they thought she had escaped from Cirque de Soliel or some traveling show.....but whatev. I had a problem on my hands now.)
     I RAN into the other room only to discover what I already knew in my heart. They had unlocked the window and made their great escape by climbing out, and let me tell was not an easy climb.  Oy vey. Good thing I had asked for a first floor room. Good thing security didn't see them. But guess who did? There were people including our next door neighbors with curtains pulled wide open watching the nice little show the girls were putting on. Oh yea, and did I fail to mention that they were LOUD? No escaping these monkeys if you were within earshot. I had to hang myself out of the window to get their attention.......actually PULLED Mei Mei back in this way...through the hedges no less,...shut said window and made Blondie (the instigator) walk all the heck way around. It's funny now. Now I wish I had set a tip cup out there and had them continue on for a while. We could've made some party bucks. Live and learn. Just when I think life has settled down a bit and I have them under control they do something that absolutely defies all logical thought. My full of life spirited crew had not opened the door they had been asked not to had they??!! Oh yea.....the Doc laughed at the whole thing. Guess I will too after a while. (Actually I love their zest for life and how they never make us have a boring day!)  All in all it was a great weekend. The girls and me def bonded, I got some friend and reading time, and we made them tired......and gave Nature Girl some birthday sweetness. Success.
     Happy Birthday Nature Girl. More on you coming soon!
Nature Girls turns 12!! Where did the time go??

Mickey Ears waiting on the girls beds at the hotel. So cute!!

We are annual passholders at Disney. Your passes are now these electronic bands that act as your tickets to the park, room keys at resorts and credit cards if you want to charge food or merchandise (no thanks) AND as your fastpasses which you can make at home up to 6 months in advance. (Loving this last part!!) 

This playground had explicit instructions not to climb on ledges or animals..... So they climbed. Got this cute shot up about 12-16 ft before I told them to get the heck down.

This is the fold-down Murphy bed in the Nemo suite. Dimmed lights surround Nemo and his dad as one slowly drifts off to sleep.......or into fits of giggles as is our case!!

Tra-la-la-ing through the resort. You can now see the windows this crew of hoodlums unlocked and climbed out of. Heh.

Some days she wishes she were a blond. Today was one of them.

View of the Nemo pool with underwater music......cause that's what everyone needs:)

We spent a day at Animal Kingdom and wouldn't you know Mei Mei got pulled into the Asia show??! Usually so shy she surprised us and danced right along without missing a beat!!

This is her, "Why do these people here (Disney workers) keep measuring me??!! I'm 8!!
Truth: Mei Mei is.......short. She will still be measured to see if she meets the height requirements for rides when she is 16. No doubt.

Cuties (however another shot of windows these crooks climbed out of)

Disney's in house tv system is spectacular. So is their wifi and in unit computer board. Mommy was happy.

Animal Kingdom with you know......just our pet spider.

Blondie has never had the nerve to try Expedition Everest.....hands down the BEST rollercoaster to offer in the Central Florida area. It goes forward, backwards and at speeds up to 55mph. Today she rode it!

Just riding around with a few zebras.

Nature Girl in her element. That's a 1.5 yr old White Rhino back there:)

Animal Kingdom offers scavenger hunts as part of their Wilderness Explorers . Girls are doing some serious tracking.

What's a trip to Animal Kingdom without a trip to the invertebrate room? 

I do believe Nature Girl is telling the host here a few facts about this here gator. She knows pretty much all about them.

Mei Mei and Asian tiger (they are one and the same you know)......just got photobombed:)

September Florida sweat. September is the new August around here.

What life is really about.

A 5 min wait is NOT something you see very often at Disney.  These girls (and their trusty Mom) rode this roller-coaster........drumroll please......9 times in one day!!! Yes we did.