Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Girl That Changed Us Forever.....

......had a birthday! If you missed it you can read Nature Girl's story here. In the mean time let's party! The Doc had to be out of town during Nature Girl's birthday so we celebrated this weekend with a trip to the Farris and Foster Chocolate Factory in town. The littles all got to decorate pretzels, gummies, marshmallows,with white, dark and milk chocolate and made their own chocolate pizza. I had never even been to a party here before and booked it based on a referral from a friend. It turned out much better than any of us had hoped! And, can you say yum?  What made it even better is that we made it through without any accidents, shenanigans or emergencies. Woot! We then hiked across the road to to Rocco's Tacos.....a new experience for us. They made homemade guac table side which was incredible. All in all a hit for us and Nature Girl had a fantastic 12th birthday. She's pretty much all around amazing these days! Hope you enjoy the photos of our fantabulous day!

Mollie is 5 months old. She hangs out and chews stuff. And takes off your jewelry.....(aren't her curls divine??!)

Getting instructions.....but they still had no idea what was ahead:)

Dipping marshmallows into white chocolate.

Rocking her inner Lucille Ball:)

She cracks us up with her engineer brain and phonetic spelling!

They are ready! Bring on chocolate!

The Birthday Girl. Only she could get points taken away in science class.....for chasing a frog at the totally inappropriate time.:)

Yes, the colors are also chocolate. 

Our oldest.....who still hasn't grown up. Smile.

The Doc gets into the game. Good thing the place was mostly just us!

Never. stops. talking. evah.

I'm yelling at the green chocolate to come out! It was stuck. We are making a green flower btw. Whatever this child wants ......she gets:)

Too. Much. Fun!!!

Mei Mei and the nephew diggin in. Gratefully no one got sick. This isn't something we eat very often. Made it so worth it!

Our little candy makers.....straight out of I Love Lucy!

We had homemade guac made for us tableside. So good!!

Rocco's Tacos def a hit!

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