Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is It Summer Yet?

     Tonight I'm torn. Torn between, "is is summer yet??...... cause I sure am tired and don't want to look at ANY MORE math, or folders," and "that's a remarkably nifty project that I think will benefit  all areas of our gray matter ....who cares if it takes 1000 hours and a gazillion dollars....let's dig in!" I need help. I think I'm school bi-polar. Send reinforcements my way if you any form.....pills, a day off....chocolate.
     Nature Girl has to do an ongoing project for a month for school.  MONTH. Just saying that word makes my mouth shrivel up. When I first saw it I was saying all kinds of stuff in my head that wasn't so very nice.....but then I saw how excited she was....and how excited the Doc I faced the music and actually listened to the description of the assignment. Gotta admit....we've never done anything like it. It's cool. It's amazing. It will literally and figuratively prove what an awesome God we serve that is definitely NOT bi-polar. I immediately
Hmmmmm.....what could this be?
jumped on the excitement train. Here's a pic of what we are using. Any guesses what the project is or what this is used for??? Come on, you gotta take a guess! We made it out of a fishing lure and an oatmeal box. Classy.
     (Please excuse the dirty counter top.....clearly I am bi-polar cleaner upper as well. Heh.)

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  1. You need to write a book in your spare time my friend. You are hilarious- heh :)

    May the joy of the Lord be our strength today!!