Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hypothetically Speaking of Course.....

   So just suppose that someone in this house had a latin test this past week. And just suppose that the spectacular private Christian school they go to know...standards. Suppose you get nervous around test time but really try to do your best.....but you have to name the latin root of FOSSE. Hey, you know this one! You think you are writing down the word, DITCH but suppose you kind of maybe still get your B's and D's mixed up sometimes. You write down that ever so special noun.....B***h in that blank space, hand that test in and call it a day. What do you think a teacher at aforementioned Christian school with standards above and beyond the norm would do in this hypothetical situation????

     Oh, and just suppose (same kid) that the parents had a schmancy business dinner to go to on Saturday night. Suppose you talk the babysitter (who shall remain nameless) to buy you a giant punch-ball balloon at the Dollar Store. Suppose you come home and supposedly go to bed. Said babysitter is sitting on the couch reading a book thinking her precious little charge is sleeping. Suppose this child gets the bright idea to FILL UP A PUNCH BALL with gallons of......water and put it in bed with her. Can you guess what hypothetically happens next? Lets just say for the fun of it that the Punch Ball breaks.....Niagara Falls floods bed, bed, bed, child, and floor. Babysitter still reading book. Child gets up, changes clothes in the dark.....and puts a sleeping bag on top of the sopping, dripping bed.......and texts parents to ask 'When they might be coming home and how she misses them...xoxoxo.' Babysitter still on couch.
     Parents get home really late.....maybe this child hypothetically is still awake and still really wet. Babysitter still sitting on couch reading book after maybe or maybe not having to put the 2 other canaries chirping in the back of the house (who were knee deep donning their new dollar store makeup and fingernails in the dark) back to bed for the 27th time. Apparently Water Baby faked being dry and asleep for babysitter really, really good. Water Child now emerges....fully awake and, uh, ..... wet......then asks to sleep with parents because she has no idea why every. single. item. Babysitter still had no idea.
     Rollin' with the punches around here. I had a friend just tell me every time she reads this blog she feels the need to pray for me. I love her. Why don't we all pray right now (and for anonymous babysitter who really needs some grace!)?! Oh, and this friend is not the only one who has ever told me at the house of cray.


  1. I'm so glad you and your man got to finish that schmancy business dinner- haha!! Ignorance is bliss :) Praying for you and could use your prayers here. Praying we'll make it thru a day without our sweet unfiltered girl offending someone by saying whatever comes to her mind at the moment, then emotionally spiraling because only then does she realize what she said hurt someone. Sounds like we both had to clean up in the isles yesterday. His mercies are new today! May His love overwhelm our girlies and us mommies <3.

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