Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Last Hurrah --

     Who goes and forgets their camera at home while on vacation? We did. Yea, we're all kinds of brilliant. Left it on the dining room table. Well, this summer was weird. Our planned vacation got bumped due to circumstances we had no control over. It turned out to be a mixed blessing because I spent part of July with an esophageal ulcer (no, no bueno) and our daughter had a beautiful baby boy (pics coming....cause I am blogging backwards still, but he is precious beyond words....) The doc spent mucho time in California and Texas ( I stayed home and hung out with my Whirlpool Duet washing machine *total sarcasm here* while nursing previous mentioned ulcer and waiting for baby) instead of being in bliss tanning my toes and watching my girls frolic in the waves.....but all in all it was what God wanted. I LOVE to travel. I love to live on the go and experience as much as possible in a day. For me to rest and unwind, just take me on a trip. This year that didn't happen and I was bummed. I complained. I was a mess. I could see that summer clock ticking down and I was seeing my days slip through my fingers. The only 'down', 'travel' time we get is summer because our school year calendar is so intense. I was tired, I was sick, I needed a chill trip, or so I thought, but then God spoke very clearly to me......he said, "This year, find your rest in me." I was undone. Out of obedience I quit complaining,.....mostly.
     I did a complete attitude adjustment to listen to what God was telling me. My 'rest' needs to be internal....a state of being calm and poised before the Lord, ready for whatever the day brings....wether it's a difficult workload, or a restful vacation. It's an incredible way to live....even on the busiest days. This summer I found that rest.
     I went on night flashlight frog hunts, I snuggled juicy babies, I played games, I read books, I made cookies with cute girlies.....and read stories out loud. I suffered while I was sick....knowing Jesus suffered more. I met God in these days of summer. He knew I would.
     Then The Doc surprised us with a getaway the long weekend before school started. It was spectacular.......It was just what this heart needed before the 'back to school thang' started all over again and this Mom had to go back to work. Enjoy the pics even though we totally forgot the 'real' camera. The memories we made though were very, very real.
This girl sees things in life that the rest of us just can't. I am definitely a better person because of her. We should all see the world through eyes like this.

They are absolutely not allowed to grow up. Ever.

These are tropical Needle Fish caught with a cast net. They swim around your feet when you stand in the water. Harmless but a little freaky when you first see them. Yes, we did release them back into the ocean.....

The field. Bubbles by day, flashlight tag by night. So fun.

Love making time for whatever they wanted to do.

Brought to me by Nature Girl. 

Shopping area on the water made completely out of tin. It used to be an old fishing wharf. We brought the big kids here when they were little and now it was this group's turn. They loved it and shopped till the parents dropped!

Love them. Nature Girl threw her lunch to all the hungry catfish to her right. Go figure.

Fav restaurant.

Can't y'all just hear them jabbering to their dad 'how to catch fish the best way??' Like he'd never done this before and all. They certainly have their opinions ready to rapid fire. They are awesome.

Watching for dolphins.

I may just move here one day. Sigh.

Dolphin watching.....inbetween telling Dad how to catch fish.

That little body there is Mei Mei.....marching right down that pier with some attitude. She's fierce.

Mei Mei and Blondie taking a break from fishing to cool off.

She would play this game all day long.

We swim out to the far sand bars at low tide and catch these with our toes. Put them in some water with a little bleach and you have some beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree! We've been doing this for over 30 years. Smile.

Yacht shopping. Her choice. Cute and compact.....just like her.

The big girls wanted this one. Oy.

Having a little fun at the Art Museum.

Nature Girl strikes again. Turbo lives.

Sunset fishing. Can we just move here??

The white sand, the colors, the architecture.....sigh.

Just so stinkin cute are they!

Perfect end to a perfect time away! Now school can begin!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a sand dollar that's still alive! They're crazy looking :-) All the pics of the Littles made me think that there is NOTHING better than entire days spent in a swimsuit!

    1. You are right Cait!! We don't comb our hair or wear shoes all summer either:) Wild thangs.:):)
      The sand dollars are pretty impressive. You would never know they are out there unless you know to swim to them. There's a ridge off the S. Coast of Fl., around Naples where they are in abundance. It was a blast!