Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blogging Backwards-The First Day of School

     Well, the world's worst blogger (or should I say slowest) is at it again. It's not that we aren't busy thus no's that things are so busy (zero to 60 in 2 secs kind of busy) that sometimes blogging has to go on the back burner......or there won't be any clean socks. Lately, clean socks have to take precedence over blog. I hate socks. (Rabbit trail here.) Socks mean the end of summer cause you must wear closed toed shoes to school.  I love school but hate the end of summer...... and I hate washing socks. 3 girls, one husband and no one ever knows where their socks are. (End of rabbit trail.)
     I have decided for the moment to blog backwards. Current events first working backwards to fill in what's been happening. Just seems easier to do it this way right now, so that's what I'll do.
     The last two weeks have been back to school orientations, meetings and such. The doc and I together were the speakers at 7 orientation sessions total last week on various subjects covering Women's Health to Weariness and Anxiety. It was wonderfully exhausting because 1. We love our girls school  2. We love the people there, seeing old friends and meeting new ones 3. We are passionate about what we talk about. It was a lot. It was fun. I was hoarse by the end. It was worth it.
     This week was the girls turn. They began 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. They are getting so grown up all of a sudden! Their first week so far has been fantastic. Their teachers are top notch and all 3 have fantabulous friends. I gotta admit, I wasn't ready for summer to end. Some can't wait for their kiddos to head back to the classroom. I'm not one of those. I wish summer could go on forever. This year school snuck up on me and my attitude about it was less than kind. Seeing the girls excited has turned me around. Seeing friends helped me out of my funk and now this mom is ready to go as much as the girls. Enjoy the pics from this week as Nature Girl, Blondie and Mei Mei hit the books!
On their way! Headed to 3rd, 4th and 5th grades!!

How we roll. You can really tell their personalities by this photo. I love it because I know them so very well and this pic really is them inside and out.

These cute little cards are for your child's lunchbox. They come with various quotes, sayings and facts on them. We have most if not all the sets. The girls look forward to seeing which they have in their lunchboxes that day. Makes the day fun for them.....and me.

My 5th grader learning Latin.

Love her teacher this year. These kids rarely sit still. In this pic the teacher has them doing planks while Latin. Can you say awesome??!

We work hard at home too!

Mei Mei's year to learn cursive. Her handwriting will be perfect. That's how she rolls with pretty much everything.

Aww! Love her intensity for life!! (She's so tiny she still has to sit in a high chair to reach the table for her work!)

Happy Back to School to All of You!!

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