Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Curse of the Blond Gerbil

     It happened again, dang it. If you are squeamish DO NOT go any further. If you enjoy laughing at us please continue to read. It goes downhill from here.
      Do any of you remember the song from the 70's called, 'Why Me, Lord?" I can't remember who sang it but I remember every word. I've been singing this phrase since Monday......cause that was the day I cringe to remember. That terrible, awful day that went something (actually exactly) like this. No haters please because none of what you are about to read was anyone's fault. Do. Not. Judge.....por favor. We need us some friends.
     The day before we left for our pre-start of school getaway, Blondie's hamster died. It was a natural death as we had had it over a year and they (especially dwarf varieties) don't live very long. (It was brought to me dead in Nature Girls hand BTW as I was walking out the door to teach a class at our school orientation.....such is my life). The Doc had been in Texas on business over the weekend and late Sunday afternoon decided to take Blondie to get a replacement for her dear, departed Brownie. They came home with a gerbil named Miss Chestnut (see photo). Gerbils are bigger. Gerbils have longer tails. Gerbils live longer. Did you catch that last sentence?? GERBILS LIVE LONGER. This one was picked by cute Blond child because the gerbil just happened to be blond too, and the store manager had prattled on and on about what good pets they made. I am thinking about getting the guy's address so I can show up and call him an idiot to his face.
     Soon Miss Chestnut having a romping good time in her new abode eating sunflower seeds and chewing up toilet paper rolls. Life was good. She also seemed already socialized which basically means they are used to humans and don't bite. Yay. Score one for the team.
     Then came Monday. The little ladies petted Miss Chestnut and spent the day doing their normal school. After school they asked if they could get her which I replied of course. Nature Girl wasn't interested and went outside to play with the neighbors. The next thing I heard was hysterical screaming and found myself holding not one, but two terrified, absolutely hysterical girls who couldn't be consoled. Absolute screaming girls at the top of their lungs were pulling my arms out of the sockets. You one told us that 50% of gerbils have some kind of seizure disorder. Look it up people. 50 dang percent. That gerbil had a GRAND MAL seizure while ON Mei Mei and then proceeded to flop uncontrollably for 30-45 seconds (as things with seizures do.....think exorcism here) WHILE it bled and foamed from the mouth half on Mei Mei then on the floor. It then fell over dead, eyeballs protruding.....bleeding all over my kitchen floor. Blondie and Mei Mei witnessed the whole thing inches from their faces. Somehow this pet scenario was not on my to-do list for the day. We had had it exactly 23 hours.
       I called the Doc....(dead foaming bleeding gerbil was still on floor), and of course he couldn't hear a word I said because of the 'for good reason screamers' that were the background noise. Of course he couldn't come home to clean up the deceased because of a meeting (totally understandable, and he felt terrible). What the heck was I gonna do with this gerbil body? I needed to calm the girls down but couldn't as long as this thing was in the floor.....(with the dog now noticing....get the picture??)
     So grateful Nature Girl came home about that time and without a moment's hesitation she took stock of the situation.......grabbed a container, picked up the gerbil......then proceeded to get the Oxy-clean WITHOUT being asked and cleaned up the crime scene. She never even asked what happened until it was all over.  What a kid. She is my hero forever. I was able to take the other two and help them 'recover'......trying to grasp how an 8 and 10 yr. olds really recover from something like this. It was horrifying. It was gross. It was totally unexpected. The Doc owes Nature Girl a pony. Blondie has been sleeping on the floor by my bed with me holding her hand all night long. We are out of the pet business fo-evah.

Do not ever buy a gerbil.

Monday, August 26, 2013

When Your Daughter Has A Baby.....

     When your daughter has a baby there are so many emotions that play into the event....but I think I will leave it to this picture to paint the moment like it should be. Beautiful. Miracle. Takes your breath away incredible.
     Rather than be redundant I will just pass along her birth story to you here. Meet Joshua H., born July 31, 2013, weighing in at  7lbs. Perfect. Babies make everything better, don't they?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Last Hurrah --

     Who goes and forgets their camera at home while on vacation? We did. Yea, we're all kinds of brilliant. Left it on the dining room table. Well, this summer was weird. Our planned vacation got bumped due to circumstances we had no control over. It turned out to be a mixed blessing because I spent part of July with an esophageal ulcer (no, no bueno) and our daughter had a beautiful baby boy (pics coming....cause I am blogging backwards still, but he is precious beyond words....) The doc spent mucho time in California and Texas ( I stayed home and hung out with my Whirlpool Duet washing machine *total sarcasm here* while nursing previous mentioned ulcer and waiting for baby) instead of being in bliss tanning my toes and watching my girls frolic in the waves.....but all in all it was what God wanted. I LOVE to travel. I love to live on the go and experience as much as possible in a day. For me to rest and unwind, just take me on a trip. This year that didn't happen and I was bummed. I complained. I was a mess. I could see that summer clock ticking down and I was seeing my days slip through my fingers. The only 'down', 'travel' time we get is summer because our school year calendar is so intense. I was tired, I was sick, I needed a chill trip, or so I thought, but then God spoke very clearly to me......he said, "This year, find your rest in me." I was undone. Out of obedience I quit complaining,.....mostly.
     I did a complete attitude adjustment to listen to what God was telling me. My 'rest' needs to be internal....a state of being calm and poised before the Lord, ready for whatever the day brings....wether it's a difficult workload, or a restful vacation. It's an incredible way to live....even on the busiest days. This summer I found that rest.
     I went on night flashlight frog hunts, I snuggled juicy babies, I played games, I read books, I made cookies with cute girlies.....and read stories out loud. I suffered while I was sick....knowing Jesus suffered more. I met God in these days of summer. He knew I would.
     Then The Doc surprised us with a getaway the long weekend before school started. It was spectacular.......It was just what this heart needed before the 'back to school thang' started all over again and this Mom had to go back to work. Enjoy the pics even though we totally forgot the 'real' camera. The memories we made though were very, very real.
This girl sees things in life that the rest of us just can't. I am definitely a better person because of her. We should all see the world through eyes like this.

They are absolutely not allowed to grow up. Ever.

These are tropical Needle Fish caught with a cast net. They swim around your feet when you stand in the water. Harmless but a little freaky when you first see them. Yes, we did release them back into the ocean.....

The field. Bubbles by day, flashlight tag by night. So fun.

Love making time for whatever they wanted to do.

Brought to me by Nature Girl. 

Shopping area on the water made completely out of tin. It used to be an old fishing wharf. We brought the big kids here when they were little and now it was this group's turn. They loved it and shopped till the parents dropped!

Love them. Nature Girl threw her lunch to all the hungry catfish to her right. Go figure.

Fav restaurant.

Can't y'all just hear them jabbering to their dad 'how to catch fish the best way??' Like he'd never done this before and all. They certainly have their opinions ready to rapid fire. They are awesome.

Watching for dolphins.

I may just move here one day. Sigh.

Dolphin watching.....inbetween telling Dad how to catch fish.

That little body there is Mei Mei.....marching right down that pier with some attitude. She's fierce.

Mei Mei and Blondie taking a break from fishing to cool off.

She would play this game all day long.

We swim out to the far sand bars at low tide and catch these with our toes. Put them in some water with a little bleach and you have some beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree! We've been doing this for over 30 years. Smile.

Yacht shopping. Her choice. Cute and compact.....just like her.

The big girls wanted this one. Oy.

Having a little fun at the Art Museum.

Nature Girl strikes again. Turbo lives.

Sunset fishing. Can we just move here??

The white sand, the colors, the architecture.....sigh.

Just so stinkin cute are they!

Perfect end to a perfect time away! Now school can begin!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blogging Backwards-The First Day of School

     Well, the world's worst blogger (or should I say slowest) is at it again. It's not that we aren't busy thus no's that things are so busy (zero to 60 in 2 secs kind of busy) that sometimes blogging has to go on the back burner......or there won't be any clean socks. Lately, clean socks have to take precedence over blog. I hate socks. (Rabbit trail here.) Socks mean the end of summer cause you must wear closed toed shoes to school.  I love school but hate the end of summer...... and I hate washing socks. 3 girls, one husband and no one ever knows where their socks are. (End of rabbit trail.)
     I have decided for the moment to blog backwards. Current events first working backwards to fill in what's been happening. Just seems easier to do it this way right now, so that's what I'll do.
     The last two weeks have been back to school orientations, meetings and such. The doc and I together were the speakers at 7 orientation sessions total last week on various subjects covering Women's Health to Weariness and Anxiety. It was wonderfully exhausting because 1. We love our girls school  2. We love the people there, seeing old friends and meeting new ones 3. We are passionate about what we talk about. It was a lot. It was fun. I was hoarse by the end. It was worth it.
     This week was the girls turn. They began 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. They are getting so grown up all of a sudden! Their first week so far has been fantastic. Their teachers are top notch and all 3 have fantabulous friends. I gotta admit, I wasn't ready for summer to end. Some can't wait for their kiddos to head back to the classroom. I'm not one of those. I wish summer could go on forever. This year school snuck up on me and my attitude about it was less than kind. Seeing the girls excited has turned me around. Seeing friends helped me out of my funk and now this mom is ready to go as much as the girls. Enjoy the pics from this week as Nature Girl, Blondie and Mei Mei hit the books!
On their way! Headed to 3rd, 4th and 5th grades!!

How we roll. You can really tell their personalities by this photo. I love it because I know them so very well and this pic really is them inside and out.

These cute little cards are for your child's lunchbox. They come with various quotes, sayings and facts on them. We have most if not all the sets. The girls look forward to seeing which they have in their lunchboxes that day. Makes the day fun for them.....and me.

My 5th grader learning Latin.

Love her teacher this year. These kids rarely sit still. In this pic the teacher has them doing planks while Latin. Can you say awesome??!

We work hard at home too!

Mei Mei's year to learn cursive. Her handwriting will be perfect. That's how she rolls with pretty much everything.

Aww! Love her intensity for life!! (She's so tiny she still has to sit in a high chair to reach the table for her work!)

Happy Back to School to All of You!!