Friday, July 12, 2013

Industriously Boring

     They say to increase your blog traffic you should blog often. If that's the case then I am an epic failure at this. To be real from an outsiders point of view we have been totally boring as of late. Our summer plans got changed (put a dagger in my side but I'm trying to recover.....heh) and instead we have replaced it with what I call 'Industrious Boredom'. Basically I can't stand to sit still. Drives me crazy. I have to be productive at something 24/7 or I feel like I'm wasting time. When you have alot of kids time cannot be wasted. Ever. Even sleeping time. Even that has a plan. light of my new found extra 'summer plans changed' time I got busy. I worked some on a new writing project. Steep learning curve on this one but it's coming along....thank you spell check. Then, every single closet, every drawer, every nook and cranny except for the school stuff has been cleaned out this week. Industrious yes, but boredom for the blog reader. Lo siento friend.
      While Mom was being industrious (so much for lazy summer reading time) the ladies were doing what kids worldwide do when being What I did find as the week went on, was that the girls were doing what kids should be doing in the summer....and lots of it. For the first time in a long time the girls enjoyed unstructured time free from demands of pressure, school, and other obligations crying out for their attention. Instead we just ate what was in the fridge such as it was, and made pictures in the clouds. There were slumber parties with friends, hide and seek around the neighborhood, swimming at night, homemade play dough, frog hunts, and giggles. They read alot, watched tv some and have yet to complain of boredom. We stayed at the beach a few times early morning until dusk....catching crabs in tide pools and digging periwinkles out of their tunnels. I pray we made memories. I think we did.
     The house is done...organized, ready. Totally useless info for you, yet liberating and needed for me. I know the school year is coming and time will again be scarce. My summer to do list has gotten smaller and the back to school sales are beginning. I'm not ready to face that yet, so I will remain industrious, hang out with friends, and enjoy every. single. bit. of. blessed. summer. thank. you. Jesus. The girls will continue their 'boring' (not so very) love of being kids. Here's a few pics of our 'boredom' as we stop.....and slow down life a little.....
Nature Girl brings stuff like this home every single day. She lives on a different universe and sees things no one else would ever notice. But snails....really kid??!!

Mei Mei's contribution to our zoo.

This came zooming across the kitchen floor to me. Heh. 

This daughter is having a baby this month. Baby come out!!

4th of July antics......please note the shiny 4th outfits....oy!

Give them cans of shaving cream. Easy, cheap and they play for hours!

Mei Mei and the Doc playing Xbox Kinect Just Dance. If you don't have a Kinect, get one now. They are remarkable and keep your kiddos (old ones too) active! This picture cracks me up. Not sure what song they're doing but Mei Mei takes this so very she does anything competitive. Ha.

Happy Place with must have tent for pregnant and pale people.

Turning Nature Girl into a Mermaid. Her request. They complied.

J is a worship leader at our church. This was her last Sunday until she becomes a Mom! Love the scripture that was captured in this photo, too.

Her hamster lost her ongoing battle with cancer. Sad, sad, day (yall can't blame me for this one) and Muffin was replaced with a new HYPER-psycho rodent named.....Taffy. 

Spa Day anyone?? Ken?

Blondie's free spirited ways mean her room looks like this.......twice a year. Christmas.....and in summer when the Mom comes in with a giant garbage bag. This year I got sneaky and made sure she had friends over while the Mom purged. Awesome. Liberating.

Sleepovers with besties. Be still my heart!!

Making homemade play dough. Not sure what Pinterest gene possesed me. Should've gone out and bought them cans of the real stuff. Seriously. It looks like they were having fun though, right??

That friends is food coloring. For the play dough. Only it didn't make it to the play made it to our hands, shirt and shorts. Should've bought the cans. Noted.

My Mom and my granddaughter. That makes them Great Grandma and youngest of the bunch until this next baby comes. Big families are awesome! Fat squishy babies are the best!

Pajama ice cream run includes the Mom's wonder dog who is also child #6 around here. Smile. Yall don't mess with my dog baby. She's fierce:)


  1. I love your life Cissy :) Love you!!

  2. Aww! We love you too! Can't wait to party later this month!!❤❤❤

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