Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Power of One

     They said she wouldn't be able to. They said we should not try 'normal school'. They said you should make 'special' plans for her future. They said.....they said...they said. We listened. We told them they were wrong. We said, "she can."
     Guess what? Nature Girl just proved "them" wrong....which she has done thousands of times over and over......and finished her first year in a very academic private school setting with.....straight A's (one B last 9 weeks) all year. I'm still giddy at the actual reality of what this girl did. To refresh your memory go back and read THIS. Then you will understand more of the story and the reality of what we have been up against. She did it and she did it well. We couldn't be more proud nor grateful.
     Nature Girl is just one child. One child in a giant sea of kids with special 'abilities' and issues. Can we turn the tide on how we look at those with disabilities and what they are capable of? Can we give these kids a chance to see what they can do if they are offered opportunity? I can't change thousands but by the grace of God this year....the power of this one family not to accept no as an answer has changed the course of a life headed for nothingness. Today she's anything but, and we're smiling!


  1. *They* often do not see past the disability, and the prognosis. *They* are too often shadowed by statistics and histories. However, *We* who serve a God of infinite possibilities and endless mercy and grace know that *They* often are seeing with man's eyes, while *We* have the ability to see with eternity in view.
    I've had many "Theys" in my son's life, telling me what he lacked, and that I needed to accept a life full of limitations. I listened, but knew that God had better plans.
    Thanks for sharing. I am blessed to know you Cissy!

    1. You are so right Donna! There are those who are quick to label and those that just want something to call it so they can fit it in a box. There are those who are detached emotionally and just show off their 'expertise'. Then there are those who legitimately want to help. They are the ones we listen to and seek out. But mostly we listen to our gut guided by the Holy Spirit where we know we'll find the answers we are seeking. Thank you for your response!!