Thursday, June 20, 2013

The "How To Be Just As Crazy Busy As Ever" Rules of Summer--Part Deux

We haven't even been out of school a month and are cramming in activity from morning till night. The girlies are loving it. I am too because if there's one thing I can't stand is free time (sarcasm is my specialty!). Actually, I love having the girls busy.....we want memories.....we want to fill their days and not waste a minute. Mission accomplished. More of what we've been doing here.....
Blondie is confused, heh.

Both girls qualified for the National AAU Gymnastics meet held at Disney World. Oy vey. Huge. Hundreds of girls. Overwhelming. Exciting. Spectacular and can'tbelievetheydidthis.

How the girls get up in front of hundreds of people and focus amid chaos is beyond me. They are rockstars in my book. Blondie placed 7th on floor and 9th all around at Nationals!! She's my hero!!

Here's what a rotation schedule looks like. Because of a birthday glitch Mei Mei's credentials got screwed up (yay, it was our kid!) and she had to wait hours to compete.....then had to move groups. It was nuts. Good thing we're patient (uh, no we weren't). We moved it into the "this is a little kids gym meet and won't really matter when she's 30" category and cheered her on in spite of the setbacks. We learned alot.....hopefully not to be repeated next year. Oy vey on the whole day.

Even with age group glitches she placed 7th on bars at Nationals!! Woot woot for this itty bitty girl!!

Father's Day. My son's mini me, only she's a girl. She is her Mimi's doll.....and hysterical to boot. 

Chalk paint. Nothing better than summer.

We swim for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just serve them food in the pool.'s where they can be found. 

Grandpa, praying for our Father's Day. He's hit some health challenges and could use some prayer.

Gamps and newborn Mollie. Oh the sweetness.

Our son. Best Dad ever.

We have been having sleepovers and I Love Lucy marathons. Notice the child on the left doing a narrative of the ENTIRE show word for word to the poor ears on the right. He doesn't seem to mind.....his ears are full of pool water.

Pool+ice cream+buddies= Blessed summertime!

We have a practice gym bar at home. So, he had major back surgery not even a year ago but thinks he can do this. You should've seen him get down. Heh.
Trip to the barn!
Love watching her do what she loves!
Because everyone should have a goat in their car.....
Learning to do horse stuff in the arena. 
Nature Girl and Leo.
This mule followed Mei Mei everywhere and finally cornered her. So. very. funny.
Chasing the scattering barn cats till you catch one keeps one occupied for a while= what she likes to do.

We have baby cardinals right outside our front door to watch grow up the next few weeks!!

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