Thursday, June 20, 2013

The "How To Be Just As Crazy Busy As Ever" Rules of Summer-Part 1

Why oh why did I think summer would be slowing out closets, reading for leisure, sleeping till let's say.....7:30? Summer, you taunted me with wistful thoughts and now you are not delivering. We are just as busy as ever....but good busy. End of year parties, birthdays, recitals, camps, meets....whew! I need a vacation from this vacation!  Fun stuff without having to have a math test in-between makes Mom's schedule nuts, but the kiddos are reveling in staying up till the ungodly hour of 9 and eating breakfast at almost noon. Glad to oblige kids. Glad to. Here's a peek of what we've been doing so far.....part uno.
While 2 were at camp me and this beauty hoof it to the library to stock up on her weekly supply of books.....about animals.....some I've never even heard of. She's a walking encyclopedia and deserves a treat for helping her mom burn calories.

Our cutie tappers at their dance recital. Julie danced for 15 years so the mems came flooding back......and the length of  recitals has not gotten any shorter. Gotta say...these two stole the show!

The one who actually can do all those steps came to cheer on the dancers!

End of season gymnastics team party. Uhm, we have the best coaches evah!

Mei Mei is 8??! When did that happen? I succumbed to the request of donuts for breakfast.....ew.....but whatev. Oh my word, is she not the cutest thing ever??

We did a pottery painting party. We take this verrryyyy seriously. Art is meant to be serious. Didn't you know?

Thinking thru the color process...for a hedgehog.  Really.

Our little artists hard at work.....creating masterpieces. Love.

Blondie has a real eye for art. Really. She is that good. She is slow (this part drives me Type A crazy) , deliberate and comes up with incredible stuff. She may do this for a living one day.

Sponge painting her hedgehog. You read that correctly. The birthday girl painted a hedgehog with a sponge. And we paid money to do this. It's her birthday by golly. 

Mollie could've cared less. Best baby ever.

After painting our tribe walked to the new fav burger joint for dinner and milkshakes with the guys (who preferred burgers and beer.....whatev, boys)

Blondie's creation. She's really good.



Cutest. Happy Birthday Mei Mei!!

Caro slapped some paint on that chick and called it a day. We will keep it forever!

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