Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is for Reading!

     It's no secret I have a love affair with books. It's no secret that I want my kids to have that same passion. Books take you where nothing else can.....into the recesses of imagination where there are no barriers of time or space, taking journeys to destinations one can only dream of in their lifetime. There is nothing like losing yourself in a book on a hot summer day, only to resurface a few hours later with new knowledge, new perceptions of life in another time and place. During the summer break we require that our kids read some everyday. We did this with our older kids and as adults they are voracious readers themselves. These days I find Blondie, hair askew, huddled under mounds of blankets most nights after midnight finishing a book she had begun just hours before. (Her hair deserves it's own post. She's 10 and I still haven't figured the stuff out. Must have post graduate degree in hairology to do her hair on a daily basis....period. ) The love of reading will continue to make lifelong learners of all of us way beyond the level of education we earned that diploma for. With the little girlies it's a juggling act. It's hard to find great books these days which aren't filled with drivel......that are moral.....and aren't a waste of time. Also, with three different grade levels...3rd ,4th, and 5th, (and one with dyslexia) I'm constantly on the prowl to peak their interest while pushing the limits of their individual levels. It's hard!! It becomes alot of what I research as I have time in summer. I also have to work around reading lists from school. I don't have them read what I know is coming up in their new grade. There are many classics missing from this list. Some they have already read.....some they will read this coming year in school and some they just haven't liked. Believe it or not.....none of them have an interest in mystery series. I don't get it...but I respect their crazy wishes.
     So, here is some of what Nature Girl, Blondie, and Mei Mei are reading and LIKING this summer.....(p.s. if you 'require' that they read a certain amount each day you can do reading time in the car, and low and behold......that car ride sure becomes a lot more serene.....said the Mom of girls who are entering pre-adolescence and have a hobby of pushing each others emotional switches at the top of every hour).
I have been systematically reading myself through all Patricia Reilly Giffs books. She is a remarkable Newberry winning author of historical fiction and just plain fun books. 'Storyteller' is one of my favs about a girl in the Revolutionary War paralleled with a modern day girl. I love how she weaves a story!!

Lily's Crossing. Newberry winner. Another Patricia Reilly Giff fav dealing with WWII.

My Side of the Mountain. You can't leave childhood without reading this.! Jean Craighead George is another fantastic author.

Just plain fun. Robert McCloskey wrote the classic 'Make Way for Ducklings' that is a childhood staple.

Newberry winner Blue Willow is a depression era tale writtten in the 40's by Doris Gates.

Puppy Place series....easy reads about animals....enough said.

Matilda by Roald know...the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory guy.

A Year In Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem. Our aunt introduced these to us and they are timeless classics!!

The Littles series by John Peterson. Certain to give the giggles and spirit of adventure to your littles.

I think I have read every Elizabeth Enright book out there. Gone Away Lake is a childhood memory not to be missed!! Comfort book at it's finest.

Return to Gone Away continues the adventures of Julian and Portia as they uncover more secrets at Gone Away Lake.

The Melendy series starts with 'The Four Story Mistake' again by fabulous Elizabeth Enright. This is another timeless comfort book your daughter will read and re-read for years to come. There are 4 books in this series that are just as great.

Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner. Another great animal adventure inspired by Nature Girl.

Blondie's fav series (other than Gone Away) for the summer. "Ivy and Bean" are unlikely friends who encounter great adventures. There are many in this easy to read series. Mei Mei is reading them too.

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