Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crazy Busy Summer--Part 3

This year we have ended up with passes galore. We are not complaining. We live in the 'land of entertainment' and during school our entertainment is Summer means using those passes till we drop.....and drop we are. "Keep 'em tired" is our motto.....(deep isn't it?). Needless to say we have had a blast lately discovering what Disney World looks like close to midnight (not a whole lot different but the ladies were giddy at the thought of being on Space Mountain at bedtime) and scavenger hunts at Epcot. A few free Cokes thrown in there doesn't hurt......(this is part 3 to avoid a gazillion pics on one post....scroll down for parts uno and dos!)
Hangin at Epcot. Our new fav park.

Fountain jumping.

This kid is an animal magnet. She has some sort of telepathic communication with them I swear.

Passes mean you find every nook and cranny of the park and all the fun extras they offer for kids. These two are playing a storm safety game.

Sampling free Coke flavors from around the world. This one is watermelon flavored from China. Don't remember actually having this in China but it was pretty good!

Coke samples from Egypt, Israel, China, Africa, Japan and others. Some were disgusting....some were actually pretty good!

Playing Agent P's Adventure at Epcot. It's an interactive scavenger hunt using a cell phone like device the park gives you. You go to a 'country' .....use the phone to solve clues all over that country and save the universe! When you solve a clue something 'happens' like a statue coming up out of a pond, pinatas giving you secret number clues, statues talking to you, etc. Best thing ever at Epcot and it's free!

Getting a new clue on our Agent phone.

Getting our clue from the parrot. When you point your phone at the parrot he talks to you code of course!

How we get around Disney. A must have.

You can take a kid out of China but you must take her back for the noodle bowls.

Love the extra activities they have for kids here!!

Beware the Norse Nature Girl needs a snack.....which is what Disney specializes in. Food and more food.

Blondie solved all Agent P's Adventures and is ready for another!

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