Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Favorites!

If you are an adoptive parent, about to be, or know someone who is this is your book! Mommy's Heart Went Pop by Christina Kyllonen and Peter Greer is an exceptional and heartwarming story about a family's journey into the wonderfully hard world known as International Adoption. This story is about Africa but will resonate with your child no matter what their birth country is (even the USA!). I love the moment captured here when in an instant a child goes from being an orphan to a treasured part of a family! We have lived this glorious breathtaking nanosecond where time stood still. I love snuggling with our Princess Collection while reading this. Books like this help them understand the miracle that is their own story.... unique yet woven into part of the giant thread called 'Adoption' that we are a part of. We want our girls to be confident in who they are no matter what their beginnings.  This book is an excellent addition to your family library certain to be treasured for years to come!

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