Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Our Mother's Day celebration this year included ages from newborn to great-grandma's. Hats off to the Doc who along with J put this party together to honor all the Mom's! We love having a large family and get together as often as we can. We also love our pictures and take a lot of them. The Doc was busy serving everyone, so he didn't get out his big camera. My edited point and shoot one will have to suffice for pics of our day. Hope your Mother's Day was as wonderful as ours! Here's a glimpse into our day.....
Our 3 beauties! Mei Mei will be 8 years old next month and this dress is a size 4. Nature Girl on the other hand is 11 yrs. old, and 5'11/2". Vanilla Girl will prob be tallish too but the others are extreme. Makes shopping so fun (ha!)

Keeping em tired:) That's our family motto:)

The uncles and grandpa having their adult beverages of choice.

J and 6 week old Mollie. We heart them both!

They're a little sleep deprived these days. 

My Mom., grandma and great-grandma:)

Her Royal Highness, Caroline.

Mollie and Auntie Tanya.

The Doc's Mom. (She's a great-grandma too!)

Always food.

Sister in law Anne feeding the nephews.

Poor Baby Josh gets born into this.......

Her aunties dressed her in a combo of doll clothes and theirs. Fashion fail.

Kids table is always a blur of motion.

Tried to get a lovely pic of J and baby Mollie....then realized Mei Mei was pinned in behind the couch after a game of hide and I got this moment instead.

The belly as a table is always a right of passage in pregnancy.

The reasons I am called Mom and Mimi. Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Take 4.

Take 5.

Aww, forget it. Let's use this one instead:)

FINALLY he got to sit and cuddle our 3rd grand! Love this!!

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