Friday, May 31, 2013

Charleston-Part 2

     This past gymnastics meet was our first out- of- state meet. We were giddy about the location because Charleston is one of our favorite places and holds fond memories with our older kids and we were so excited to share it again with the little people. We were able to tour Boone Hall Plantation again after being there with our big kids almost 20 years ago (!!!).  Nature Girl and Blondie had just finished studying the  colonization of the southern states so they knew all about slavery, plantation life, crops, and emancipation. Mei Mei just turned cartwheels and handsprings all over the place.....and tolerated the tours. She'll catch on to our history fever one day!
     We also did a walking tour of Downtown Charleston and did the same in Historic Downtown Savannah. We hung out in the same park I went to as a little girl to feed the pigeons. Ahhhh....the memories of childhood with no pressures, worries or cares. We wanted these girlies to have the same. Enjoy the photos.....
They can't stand to be apart. A wadded up pile of awesome sisterhood.


Picking cotton!

Handwoven seagrass baskets like the slaves made.


Actual copies of records found on the property. Look closely at this and the following.

These are original slave quarters dating back to the 1700's. Amazingly restored. Each one housing two or more families in 325 sq. ft. 

The Gullah Lady storyteller sang-storied the lives of slaves. Unbelievable.

The girls met and loved Miss Jackie.

These brick slavehouses were closest to the big house so the 'upper-tier' slaves lived here. The field hands didn't have as nice accommodations.

Said this was her favorite day ever!

One of my fav pics ever of the girls. If you saw the movie The Notebook, it was filmed on this plantation. The river in the movie is the one behind the girls.


We walked Downtown Charleston to this crepe place. Yum. Perfect.

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