Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, It Is Gymnastics Season After All.....

     More gymnastics coming your way here. The season runs from January till June so that's what's on our agenda in increasing measure until June. Then there's a break of sorts.
      I'm going to do a future post on why we do what we do.....but for now let's just say that two of our beauties have chosen gymnastics as their activity and they both wanted to try competitions this year. This has been our 'training season' so to say to get to know the sport from the competitive side. Boy, oh boy is it mensa level confusing for the 'rents who like to know the goings on inside and out. We are on a steep learning curve that's taking shape slowly. We have chosen to compete AAU for now because.....well, that's the future post I was talking about. Coming soon. This past weekend was the Florida State AAU Gymnastics Championships in Tampa. First of all, I LOVE and ADORE Tampa. I could live there. Second of all we didn't know what to expect as this was our first State Champs experience. We just knew it would be huge and teams/girls from all over the state would be represented. In fact, we learned hundreds of girls competed in waves starting at 8am until nightfall depending on their age/level. There were 3 gyms running constantly in the same ginormous room at the Convention Center. I think it freaked the girls out a little when we first arrived because not only were there hundreds of participants but the bleachers were packed with onlookers. Our little ladies rose to the occasion with their usual 'calming down from the coach' moment. We were just happy to qualify to go and loved having a family weekend playing together. Competitive Gymnastics runs from Level 2 all the way up to Level 10 and then Elite. Our coaches are retired Elite gymnasts and really know their stuff. What's better is that they LOVE our girls more than they want to win and each girl gets remarkable one on one attention from them. You usually compete a level down from where you are training in order to perfect skills when you are having to do them in front of judges. This year Blondie competed Level 2 and Mei Mei at Level 3. They will both move up again over the summer. Here's some pics from our little getaway.....
Blondie performing on floor. She scored a 9.475!

Warming up for vault.....and another big score!

Getting a pep talk from her coach before beam.....

I think we were all just as shocked to find out our Blondie WON her whole division and was crowned Level 2 State Champ 1st Place All-Around!!! Lots of hard work went into this! Woot!

Quite possibly my fav pic of the meet. This was right after Blondie won her 'title' and Mei Mei was showing her off.

Love this pic of this beauty. No, she's not jealous of the others. She doesn't have any desire to do gym......get her to a horse and she's just fine. The parents make sure there is fair time given to all and that she has lots of activities to do while the others do their thang.....

Mei Mei's Level 3 was on a completely different day.

Rockin beam.


Muscle bound Lil Mama...(but don't tell her she's little. She'll get mad....)


I love this because it shows just how small she is in comparison to the other competitors in her level.

Mei Mei placed 3rd Overall All-Around in her division! Another shocker because of the amount of girls and how tight the scores were! Woot! Top Three is amazing!!

Best bar routine EVER! See the judge in the red hair? They sit so very close!

Flyin hair jump (she landed square back on the beam...) See how much activity is going on around you? If you don't focus you fall! It has been awesome to watch them both learn this!

Can't say enough about our coaches and the attention these girlies get. Blondie has gained so much focusing ability from this sport!! The discipline of it makes these parents really happy!!

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